Haven’t played since arena update

Stopped playing because Arenas got boring fast and pvp track was dull, as was the combat and light armor was OP, the best bruiser was ice gauntlet and void gauntlet and dex was seriously OP. Has anything changed? Thought about returning recently.


You might want to check out the game again maybe next month? The upcoming patch might address some of your concerns.

Apparently they will be nerfing light armor, and a handful of weapons. No one knows the details yet.

As for Arenas, they’re still a complete dumpster. I think AGS has given up on them.


I see I see, it’s wild to me man, like I was pretty good at pvp and maxed out on my gear and this game just continues to let me down. In no MMO/MOBA style game should ranged ever be the best class if it’s a PvP game. Like this game has been lost since launch. What really made me quit was when I realized magical weapons were the best tank weapons lol it’s so silly to me, I’ll go look at some of their patch notes for next month then if there are any

The game is better overall but the pvp rewards track is still complete crap. Like complete. Crap. Opr crates are pretty damn good though. Just nothing to spend my 80k salt on.

Have they announced what they plan on changing next patch ?

Nothing has changed, still the same failed leadership by nw. We desperately need new dev leads for this game.

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They vaguely talked about combat balances they are working on. Nothing specific.

While they did specifically say light armor, it’s not just light. In their podcast thing (whatever you want to call it) Forged in Aeternum they specifically said they are “balancing” the resilient and shirking fort perks to be more/less effective based on your armor weight class. Likely meaning that both light and med are being hit with said balance. with light being hit harder.

They also mentioned they are looking at changes for a handful of weapons in their vague forum post about combat balancing. Specifically mentioning working on changes for musket in Forged in Aeternum.

All very vague non-answers without even a hint of anything solid. Some of which may not happen at all. Since the way they worded everything allows them that wiggle room to be like “nah. we changed out minds.” While dodging anything that may look them even remotely look bad.

Basically same.

WH/GA is still the best bruiser build.

Dex is still strong but Bow/Musket will be balanced soon. Greatsword/Hatchet/Firestaff are also being balanced in the same patch, hopefully.

Arena is still a waste of time beyond 2 daily gypsum.

PVP track is still dull, no improvements.

I would wait to return for another month or so, but keep an eye on News | New World - Open World MMO PC Game to see when the balancing patch is scheduled to be released.