Having more servers or moving fix nothing because game design do not support it

Dear AGS. I’m not sure if you are fully aware but you designed a game in a way that do not support moving to another server.

  1. Most of the game is a boring grind where you run around the map doing easy quests, killing easy enemies to level up your weapon mastery a little, and add 5% to your EXP bar. But at least if you would move the entire character with you at least you would take that part of a grind with you.
  2. On top of grinding characters you grind faction. And territories. And that’s is something you cannot move because some people in another server might own that territory already. And you just put 100k minimum to own that territory. Will you give that gold back? No.
  3. On top of the grinding faction you grind territory standing. And again it’s probably not something that can be moved or even if you want to move because you might use your points differently if the situation on the map is different. Like if the map is taken over by asshats you might put more points to tax reduction instead of storage or gathering speed.
  4. On top of the grinding faction, you have your guild, friends, people you know.

Also, I have NO IDEA how you will in the future merge dead servers. If you merge 2 servers… who will get the territory?

You designed game around being glued to a server and then you ask people to MOVE. And sure you can spin more servers to support 500,000 people but what if you get 200,000 in 3 months? Then what? And if you merge servers to populate them… what will happen if you release something good and people will visit? Another 5-25k queue? Or what?

It seems like you never ever considered the fluctuating amount of people on the server in your design.


territory standing is a list of personal buffs, it wouldn’t be a problem to keep them with the character. Also its a bad idea to invest based on taxes, that could change at any time.

They performed server merges in beta, so they must have a system for deciding who keeps what.

You don’t need everyone to move, just the players for whom the specific server isn’t as important, people with small groups of friends, no property, etc. If moving is self selection, most of these types of players will leave.

There are a number of ways to mitigate the server situation, not sure they are planning them.

  1. Play as a guest on low pop servers while queued for your own
  2. Able to freely move off servers that are over crowded
    3)Server split: World terittory state is cloned, other than ownership, Land will go to the companies based on the way govenors are declared
    people move between worlds for day, bonus luck/exp for a week for people who transfer from populous server.
    4)server split2: players Thanos snapped into new world, Company players are kept together, upgrades are copied, people without companies can choose to move to the new/old world as long as its not capped, or enter an exchange queue. Land no longer owned by a company (because they are on another server) keeps upgrades, goes to the first buyer.

Anyhow, there are ways, The important thing is companies and friend groups, territory can change hands any day with a war. This is also probably why they didnt want to designate servers for specific groups, it complicates merging/splitting/ encourages players to over populate.

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Overflow servers might be a good idea if they could transfer progress on the fly.

It might be not the best but at least it would provide some bandaid on queues.

As a thought exercise I really am intrigued thinking about how they could or would handle a server merge. You make an extremely excellent point about the time and energy that went into the current state of those territories on the separate servers. You also make an excellent point about transfers with the same issue, I highly doubt transfers are going to bring along ownership of territories.

I kind of feel like the expectation is that the companies that control territory - their sort of expected to stay. They have gotten the most playtime in on those servers. It’s the players who aren’t part of those companies that really are most likely to and probably should be the ones transferring off server. The territory ownership is really meant to be a communal accomplishment not only for a company but a faction. I would expect that if a company leader transferred the company leadership would automatically transfer to the next person in the chain of command and they would end up on a new server without a company needing to reform the company there. I doubt they will offer company transfers let alone with progress of territories.

I think a common feeling will be you picked the server to play on, you gutted it out knowing the server was over populated, your investing in THAT server. Don’t expect to transfer without losing some of that non personalized progress.

Beyond that I think the merges can be a creative and interesting thing to do.

I’d be inclined to do it as some form of world event that causes every territory in every server to be overran with hostile NPCs that must be collaboratively expelled before those territories can be claimed by new or the same ownership depending on who ‘plants’ the plag under whatever win conditions are established. That way it feels organic in nature and everyone has an opportunity at capturing territory again.

I’ve thought of a half dozen other ways to do it but that is the absolute fairest and simpilest way to do it but would require an investment in development and testing that I am unsure AGS would do unless they have some sort of system like that planned already to be a cyclical cataclysm that resets ownership across the board.

Hmmm… I have a lvl 25 quest that I need to finish… lvl 20 quest.

I’m walking underwater instead of swimming.

They did not plan overflow servers or anything like this so you can keep playing when your server is full without moving.

They did not plan server transfers despite everyone knowing that on day 1 there will be queues.

Expecting they were thinking that far ahead with game design… I seriously doubt it. But maybe I’m wrong. I wonder what is their plan for events and other situations when they will have plenty of returning players.

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