Having too much luck making it cancel out the luck perks

Not sure if any one else has experienced this. I was farming animals for wolfs for hide and was getting 50 per and after farming 7,000 hide, so roughly 140 wolfs i had received 2 vials of azoth and about 15 weapon/gear drops. I then went and put on a full luck set thinking i could get more vials ect and after farming 7,000 hide again i had about 2 drops for armour. Both times when running i had 3 bags + 1 jewerly with luck + 3 first tier luck trophies. However on the 2nd run i had full luck gear with pearls equipped.

Has any one else experience the same thing with having too much luck basically removing the chance of getting drops by a extreme amount. While not actually giving me a better loot even from the 1-2 drops.

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