[Header Merged between NPC/Craft station]

  • Character Name Xalin Feystorm

  • Issue that occurred : Combined chat dialog of NPC with coding call of craft station; I used timber station, then running from timber to workshop, when attempting to open workshop it gave me the shillie duffy dialgue box. However, the top header instead of his name was something akin to HTML doing a call for the workstation name with a font size 4

  • Time and Date 8:39pm est 10.19.21

  • World/Server: amsvartnir

  • Location where issue occurred : 7922.806, 1930,565, 109.131 (roughly) Cutlass keys

  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue

Was able to replicate tonight on 10.21.21 11:39pm

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