Headshot Removal, Yay or Nay?

Im starting to believe that headshot doesn’t belong in New World simply because headshot greatly reward the user. This great reward somehow overshadow pretty much everything and become a must if you want to play musket properly. Yes Blunderbuss also get damage bonus from headshot, yet it’s not a significant as musket.

By removing headshot in this game, musket might finally become a stable weapon with more stable average damage and less damage spike, a weapon that doesn’t punish it’s user greatly for dealing white damage.


Muskets doesn´t belong in New World.




Hi Joe, the dev team is always looking for player feedback on subjects like this so I will get a report sent up to them. Thanks for bringing your opinion to the forums, would love to see others thoughts on the subject!

I said this months ago.

Multiple colliders on a single object is silly. Hitting headshots only encourages cheating, and hitting feet etc is silly.


Not exactly easy to hit consistent head shots, especially with the player moving due to using abilities or just moving in general.

Heads have a VERY small hitbox. If someone can head shot, they should be rewarded for it.

The one getting head shot, move more.


yet just like i said on 1st post, in the end it become a must for musket to get critical hit/ headshot due to huge damage spike, unlike other weapon where white damage is a normal thing.

Musket current condition = Get those orange damage or go home

Well, non crits are like hitting nothing at all with musket.

This is just going to be another thread that is full of musket haters. As far as I am concerned Headshots are a key part of ranged weapons, (bow, musket and now blunderbuss). Please leave it alone.


Headshots is a core gameplay mechanic involving skill based combat for ranged player, removing it will just make combat more watered down and less skill rewarding, the ideia behind removing it is based only in the current state of player being mad about muskets being annoying to fight in PvP. The problem is with the musket range and not with the headshot mechanic itself, removing headshots would be a great mistake.


Remove Headshot but also do this:
Musket is low risk high reward even by playing only 5 Con. Can snipe people all across the map in an mmorpg without any damage fall off or bullet drop. A hitscan weapon that deals an insane amount of damage and 2-3 shot everything up to medium gear while even having resilient.
Even having +5% Thrust Damage Absorption on each gear piece doesnt change anything.
Extreme high mobility even without using a rapier you can easily run away fast.

-Remove tha passive that deletes damage fall-off after a certain distance.
-Give the bullet a travel time. Should be a little higher than bow arrow travel time though.
( would also help with the aimbotters)
-Bullet drop is needed. (would also help with the aimbotters)
-After 30 meters damage drop of 50 % is also needed. Musket players will finally be forced to play at the fort walls in OPR to have an input to the real fights. Instead they camp 300 meters away on a mountain sniping everything across the map.

The way this weapon is right now it doesnt belong in this game at all.


Why Headshot should not be removed:

  • Remove it and you remove the skill-ceiling with the weapon

Nobody can hit enough consistent headshots for it to be too “rewarding” and no, damage with a headshot is not really too rewarding, you risk missing your shot and dealing NO damage for a chance to deal “extra” damage comparable to that of a crit. You can either choose to do consistent body shots or try your luck with a headshot

Headshots are almost always nearly a gamble against targets that are actively moving.


In this Video you can see how 99% of the shots are no headshots while the player is still dealing an insane amount of damage without having any risk to his plays.
He cant be countered by anything besides another musket on that distance he always keeps.
This players is even missing every second shot but gets one kill after another.
Most of the enemies he kills are wearing end game PvP gear with at least Resilient on it.
Take your time and watch the VOD. Dont ignore the facts and the numbers.

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This proves that headshots are not consistent and does not need to be removed from the game. If 99% of the shots are white hits then how does removing headshots (a skill-based feat) going to make it any better. We strongly recommend you to play Musket close range and come back here with proof to show if you can make it work, if you cannot then you’ve proven that Musket only works well long range (until a rework come)

I’m really confused by this thread. I don’t play musket, but if you can consistently land headshots then that shows skill right?
Is OP just unhappy that they cannot land consistent headshots?


The musket deals an insane amount of damage with body shots on a very big range without risking anything. Watch the VOD i posted above. Headshots make it even worse and need to be removed! Players using aimbots can continuously hit headshots.
Muskets 2-3 shot everything up to medium gear with bodyshots all across the map.
Even having Resilient and thrust damage stones on your gear doesnt change anything.
The way musket is designed as a hitscan weapon doesnt fit at all in this game. This is not an FPS game.

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The musket has too many weaknesses as compared to strengths, the Musket does not need nerfs, a rework is needed. No rework = no nerfs required. If anyone wants a range nerf, the weapon toolkit needs to be reworked. Anyone that disagrees and wishes to force a musket to fight close range has never played a musket and does not know what they are talking about.


Musket user here. I think you’re describing an aimbot, not musket users… we can’t shoot all across map… our range is definitely limited and the further you go, the harder, exponentially to land a shot, let alone headshot… I can’t even do that when the person is not too far, due to desync or what have you. And I’m a sitting duck. Once I fire a shot, my location is blown and either the enemy sniper gets on me and/or melees sneak up on me and i’m toast.


No, you’ve never played a musket have you. With a +25 Infamy or BIS, I only average about 1k to 2k damage, per shot, if that… I’d consider anything above 1.8k a crit. And this is damage against light armor. Maybe medium? Anything heavy, average damage is below 1k per shot. With the reload of 2 seconds, and people rolling around, it’s very hard to get consistant 2nd or 3rd shot… what happens is we shoot for say, 2k, then the dude heals while we reload. The only kills I have are usually finishing kills… The enemy is already engaged by my melee friendlies, and I fire the finishing shot while their health is already low, if I’m lucky to land the shot due to desync… I’m considering a GA build now honestly, after 800 hours of musket and bow and spears… There’s just no winnings at all in OPR if you’re a spear/musket/bow build. Unless you have a really good healer behind you, and the enemy is truly a rookie. As for the FPS part you’re referring to, I think you’re referring to the new blunderbuss… but I’m pretty sure melees love them, it does insane damage.


OP are unhappy with musket because how inconsistent musket damage in this game. Like i said, headshot means everything on musket since not only it deal absurdly high amount of damage, Headshot also trigger bunch of musket core passive at once.

Those reward pretty much make headshot a must in pretty much every single content, that mean both PvE and PvP. Solo leveling with musket isn’t that bad even with mob leash system, but it is so hard for me to find a public group that would accept musket main to expedition without rolling their head and said “you are not trolling right?” because…the weapon are highly inconsistent without headshot.

Same case also happened on PvP because there are only TWO category for musket, incredibly good or incredibly bad based on orange damage they make on every single shot. People who complained about musket being OP on OPR probably got killed repeatedly by the exact same person with their godlike accuracy.

If dev want musket to be super exclusive weapon which can only be used by twitch/youtube content creator for their highlight video, then they definitely got what they want.