Heal skills not working correctly

Has anyone else noticed that sometimes when you throw Beacon that it just disappears? It goes on cooldown but theres no sign of it anywhere, it’s not stuck to a wall behind or whatever it just didnt cast correctly? Happens to me quite often.

Also with Lights Embrace, I cast it to heal someone close by but it doesnt heal them, it heals me. This could happen 3 times in a row. The person is not too far away and I’m not accidentally hitting tab while casting, it just wont heal them. It’s probably like 6 times out of 10 it’ll heal me and not the person im locked on to. And as I said, theyre not too far away, they could be right beside me at times and it still happens.

I havent heard anyone else saying this but it happens to me a lot, anyone else?

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@Spookiez I am sorry you are experiencing issues with some of your healing skills not working properly. I am going to share your report with the team.

For any bugs/exploits you may be experiencing please report this on the official forums here: [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Bug Reporting Make sure to check if anyone has also experienced the same issue and may have found a possible solution!

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