Healer Build 5v5 Suggestion


I will participate in a 5v5 tournament as a healer.
Does anyone have any experience on a build that work? The other players are still unknown.
My build for OPR/WAR is SG,LE,Orb, Light Gear, Lifestaff/Rapier 305 Focus 200 Constitution, With less constitution I have difficulties because of the many Blunderbus, Muskets and Ice Shower, Gravity. I am only a moderately good player.

In most 5v5s, as long as you position away from the enemy you won’t likely get pressured too much. Instead just try to master the placement of your healing abilities.

Drop down to 150con.
If you get farmed, go back to 200con. Seriously though… too much con dulls your senses as you get lazy avoiding DMG, and in wars, you’re overwriting stronger AOE’s with your build and screwing over your allies because of it. Plus the 200con perk is getting nerfed next patch and will be a bad breakpoint for you. Better learn now

This is the sleeper duel build. Your allies will love you and it releases pressure on you by being a wide-range AOE heal with a low CD. In duels people run around a lot… you’ll likely miss your beacons and any that you throw on the ground will NOT be stayed in. Splash provides an ability to heal an entire zone, even it your allies are not playing well together (and unless you’re on an amazing team, they likely won’t). Make sure you get the weapon perk for the extra stam it provides. And makes sure to take the stam perk under LE tree as well.

Otherwise orb can work fine if you find yourself struggling to adapt.

Rapier / IG
Either option works but rapier has MUCH better surviveability overall. However if you’re up against a BB, IG could be the better choice. If you see them running towards you, put up an ICE SHOWER and it stops them from jumping on you. You’re safe the entire duration of the ice shower. He will either need to run around or through it, and if he tries to approach you while its up, you can run through it for speedboost to escape or you run circles around it to keep them away. If Ice shower is down, hop into your ice tomb. Make sure to call out if this is all happening. Your team will (hopefully peel for you).

^ Use Ice Pylon for ranged pressure. It distracts them and gives you speedboost when inside its radius.

Otherwise on rapier, use the full right-side tree (fleche/riposte/evade) for mobility.


  • Charge up a heavy attack or two on the enemies at the start of the duel for bonus healing and dodge at least once for the ‘bend light’ perk to activate.
  • Wait for a clump to form before throwing your SG down (ive seen many healers panic-throw it and waste it before the clump forms and their team suffers because of it)
  • Once your team is in a clump, if you see them taking dmg inside, use Splash (if you end up running it). This saves them from the incoming burst and gives them an opportunity to escape.
  • You can generally predict who will chase you (as a healer in a duel) because they’ll run in a wide flank/radius on the sides to get you. If you see this, immediately start rotating too. Try to rotate so you always have you team between you and your chaser.


  • Hearty on your ring
  • Refreshing Toast/Healthy Toast on your earrings (if they allow pots in the duels).
  • Health on your amulet
  • All weapon perks for the build you choose (Energizing Splash, Fortifying Sacred, Mending Protection, Accelerating Light’s Embrace, Revitalzing Beacon, etc)
  • Will of the Ancients lifestaff (or a Refreshing Move+Blessed lifestaff with any 3rd perk)
  • Try to have at least 3-5 total pieces of refreshing and/or refreshing evasion. (I have 5 RFE and 4 R, and get my CDs back 75% faster.
  • Onyx gems on your armor (or diamonds). Gemstone/Oakflesh if you’re allowed to use them.
  • T5 diamond on your lifestaff, and T5 Amber on your secondary weapon.

Good luck : )


Wow thanks for the detailed help.

Some things are clear to me and I’ll try the constitution again with 150.
I’ve already spent hundreds of hours on it. On the EU server Aaru it looks like an anthill in the wars. That was the main reason for 200 con, but your opinion motivates me to test again with 150 con. Always be open to other experiences.

I definitely have to try the SG/LE/Splash build. I know it, but I haven’t played with it seriously before. I still have a few days to practice.

I have no experience with Icegauntelt. I can test it for fun in the OPR, but it would be too early for the tournament. But it is an option. The build was popular at the beginning.

Idk the meta on EU, but on US east, most healers run between 100-150con. Thats the sweet spot for most of our light healers (in fact, we only run light healers).

Definitely try it in OPR. It’s by far the best pocket-build, especially in OPRs.

It’s benefits fall in OPR because rapier is just so much better in large combat. But definitely try it if you find yourself getting farmed by BB users. At the very least you can keep yourself moderately safer from them and IG is VERY good in arenas.

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