Healer passive DIVINE BLESSING not working as intended

When you heal an ally if their health is below 50%: heal for 30% more.

This is not working as intentended with area of efect healings such as sacred ground or beacon.

The heal bonus doesn’t care your HP percentage for every tick. Just for the first tick and then applies that healing all the duration until you exit. If you don’t exit the healing area even if you’re with more than 50%, you will keep getting the bonus heal. Exit the area and join back with more than 50% health, and bonus is gone. Same happens the other way around: enter the healing area when you’re full hp, let someone take your HP to less than 50% and you will never get the healing bonus unless you rejoin the healing area.


Oh cool, my Life Staff has been nerfed more then I previously thought, but HEY the most OP weapon in the game now has PERMA BLOODLUST! These devs know EXACTLY what they are doing!

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this isnt new, any +healing gained after a buff has been applied isnt accounted for

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