Healers are OP What are we doing about them?

here is a how to handle healer… FOCUSE THEM XD

It’s a big difference If you have to aim or Tab target.

In Darkfal unholy wars we had healers Shooting big healing Balls with even some splash heal. Was really fun to play.

Remove Tab target Shit and give lifestaff a bigger projectile with Splash damage. But it should be real Splash damage/heal. If you only Hit with a small Part do less damage or heal

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BB with plagued granade, VG with scream, and infected ring.

The issue here is that they CAN’T balance Life staff in PvP because of PVE M8-10.

The solution would be to balance life staff for PvP and adjust AI in mutations accordingly. instead of hitting like trucks, give them more creative mechanics that do not involve dmg. It will make mutations more interesting and fun instead of tank and spank…

I understand that bosses must hit hard, sure, but it doesn’t have to be exponential, just add new abilities, CC, mind control, levers to activate at the right time, shields, there is so much they could do instead of just hitting harder…

just saying…

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Yea, they should Balance around PvP. PvE is so damn easy in this game. I would like to have it more spicy. Tweak some numbers and skills in AI Like you Said.


While threads like this exist, on the other side of the fence we have threads like the following complaining about this “aimbot”

the targeting system is flawed. and while it can snap to an ally, it often incorrectly snaps to the wrong target.

in this case you have to MMB and unlatch the snapping and free place it just like any other ability in the game.

Any good healer is doing this.

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Imagine this scenario,

There’s an ally fighting someone infront of me and another ally besides me, guess what MMB casually targets the player next to me even though I aim at the player that is infront of me

“any good healer is doing this”

And the fact that you call it “aimbot” haHAA

I dont understand what you’re saying?

What exactly did you not understand so I can enlighten my answer?

Healer stands besides another player, attempts to heal a player infront of him by directly aiming and pressing middle-mouse-button, > It targets the player to his left.

Oh well thats the misunderstanding.

Pressing the mmb in unlatches the SG so that you can freely place it where ever you select.

I think you mean scroll up or down on the mmb where it snaps to another player.

So yes the good healers unlatch so that they can correctly place it.

That is the same method you use to place pillar of fire and ice storm.

Sacred ground has no issue I obviously don’t use the auto-target for sacred ground, I’m mostly talking about the single target heals.

Well yes that is the same thing. If healing out of group mode, and the incorrect target is selected its required to resposition to re select.

This often mean moving out of cover or into danger. Not always of course but its not as “plug and play” as one makes it sound.

The problem with that is people dosent have enough hp for a aim and shoot
Dps can damage anyone healer can only heal people that have taken damage and when u can kill a player in less than 2sec idk how u target LE AND DE

The issue persists. Healing is still way too broken.

Should we balance everything else around it and force players to use multiple Stuns and Disease to have a chance?
Or simply address the issue, Life Staff itself?

Right now any team without a Healer instantly is at a major disadvantage, nobody would argue with this.

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Then team gets a healer :smiley: problem solved for you.

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The answer is you should literally build for Healer. General DPS has never, EVER been designed to sweep the floor against everything. Their role is literally to be support. If no one on your group wants to be a anti-healer/assassin, than you should take up the mantle and be one.

Yes, but nerfing the heals themselves brings us closer to cheese meta.

I’ve stated multiple, multiple times before. Transfer power from the healer to the players by adjusted Constitution scaling.

Healers HoTs effectively act like a temporary health boost over any duration of combat and Divine Embrace is a reset along with Health Pots.

More health with Con scaling can help frontline survive. Nerfing heals AFTER or DURING not BEFORE will be a nice transfer of power from healer to player.

The dependancy on healers is massive and if you made them actually be support rather than them be the heart, it would be healthier

If we improved independant health pools and nerfed healers at the exact same time in a balanced manner we could see healers get nerfed without having an actual combat change.

HoT’s would turn into counter-DPS

Divine Embrace would turn into targeted healing that you would need to pump into a single target if you wanted that one to stay alive rather than completely reset combat.

I’m thinking of Soraka in League when I think of my Ideal balance for healers. A low cooldown single target heal with tug-of-war HP bars rather than bursted to shit HP bars can bring out the true skill in healing rather than a healers skill being I Framing and evading successfully.

If you could watch your groups HP bars go down and you had to choose your Heal Target wisely on repeat it could balance them in a way that keeping them busy would be a strat, not even killing them due to the fact that they would need to free-cast in order to fully achieve Maximum support as nobody health should be at full constantly due to bigger health pools.

Increase HP and Lower heals will let this happen and it would be much more healthier. I’m not sure of a single that game that has a 5 second complete HP reset and it’s a bit ridiculous.

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You are not wrong.
However in the current state Healers are tankier than actual Tanks, this must change to achieve PVP balance.

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I can agree there. But then the TTK would be identicle, just in a different way?

Rigjt now, low hp gets topped up really quickly.

In your example high hp that gets topped up slower. Do we not have a similar result?

That’s exactly what I’m arguing. The only thing that would achieve balance in is 3v3’s.

Not even in OPR and it would wreck wars.

Healers are only Tankier than tanks due to Light Roll being evasive and Rapier.

The physical numbers by themselves? Definitely not.