Healers are TOTALLY ''NOT BROKEN''

Imagine a game , where a SUPPORT role player , can stay alive in a 1v1 situation FOREVER , in some cases even 3v1 , that would be a disaster , right !? Thank god such a game does not ex… yeeeeaahhh
Im leaving this here → New world healers are TOTALLY ''NOT BROKEN'' - YouTube

PS : I have like 30 more videos just like this one , some in the situations we cant kill the heavy armor healer even if we are 3 ppl same lvl and gs as him :slight_smile:
Please skip this post if you are playing this ****** combo yourself , and you’re here to say that its not broken and that ppl are just bad ,You are wasting our oxygen , thank you love you bye byeee

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Ahh If you can kill a healer in a 1v1 then nobody gonna play healer mate…Healer role in this game is just like that, it’s hard to kill them 1v1 but the same for them that they can’t really kill you at all, that is what they traded for bro, they traded the damage for heal so if they can stay alive in 1v1 then that is reasonable…Now you said 3v1? Bro then that 3 guys must be really trash then, me and my mate always target healer first in some 5v8 or 10v10 Pvp mission and bro trust me with 2 great axe or even spear you can pin down the healer super ez


Did they kill you or you just couldn’t kill them?

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Imagine a game where healers are almost impossible to 1v1 in PvP? Ok, damned near any of them. Your video is exactly what should have happened.

If healers could be 1v1’d reliably in PvP they would be useless in group PvP. They shouldn’t be winning 1v1s against equal opponents but they shouldn’t be losing them either. 3v1 and the healer won? And it was really a healer and not someone with a life staff and a DPS secondary they know how to use well? If they were an actual healer then the 3 were awful to the point of it being humorous.

I wasted a few minutes watching the video…what happened was exactly what should have happened. The healer kept living and the healer kept not killing the ice/fire staff opponent.

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this is exactly how its supposed to be. little damage, but lots of healing, healers are responsible for keeping a whole team alive. this is normal. most mmo’s are like this.
in new world i would say (as a healer myself) healers are easyer to kill in this game than some others, all you need is to knock them out of their circle.

its easy to predict where they will stand, even if you are a slow mover, all you need is a little crowd control.
i once faced a clever fellow, who would invalidate my sacred ground by aiming his poison arrow into it, making the ground toxic to stand on.
like any enamy, you need to adapt to it, not just hack at it, then complain when you cant steam roll over it.

have you ever tried to use a healing staff yourself?, it takes an age to level up, and even with all your armour focus based and putting points soley on focus, you deal little damage compared to what you would get if you went to the game extremes on a strength based weapon.

not only that, the projectile is slow, and easy to dodge and i only have 1 way to attack. some heals are easy to interrupt. you need more skill and dedication to effectively wield a healing staff in pvp.

you are not the only one, in many mmo’s i have played, people like to complain about those that can self heal without consumables, it never fails

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forgive my spelling its 5 in the morning

be glad you didn’t play ESO, we can fight 1,2,3v20+'s in that game pretty consistently

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