Healers focus min/max question

how low can healer drop focus before they are worthless as a group healer? how high on focus do we need focus to make the charts on war and such???

trying to balance dps and heals. save the troll comments plz.

250 is fairly easy to get committed points and gear. I run a set of Focus Faction gear for Outpost Rush and group content. Solo I run Strength/con gear boosting my strength to over 100 (soon 150) without respecing. When Amber gems are fixed DPS will go up for offhand weapon, right now onyx or emerald are only real choice.

I am sure for most content in the game 200 Focus is enough. BUT 250 gets you 30 mana for each kill which is noticeable running PVE Expeditions. You could of course just spam potions.

I run 360 focus with 40 food buff I have like 60 points in int and rest is 5. You will be good up to if your trying to heal for laz hard heal check at the end you will take everything to keep tank up.

i should say i’m level 60 with gs 550+ depending. ALL focus and all points in focus. puts me well over 400 focus lol. i compared that with a 250 foc to 200 int to see if fire staff would do some damage without an amber and it could almost hit like the lifestaff but not. i had to goto 250 int and 200 focus to get firestaff to inch above lifestaff…

anyone else do some testing on firestaff or IGs like this? at 200 focus my heals start to get weak and more since they removed the heal bubble. btw i removed the perks for the light and the heavy attack heals to free up the points for something more reliable.

nice, so focus is the man. can you post your LS spec? also post your secondary wep spec. your gs? and gear???

I fight the meta and get called stupid but it works for me and stats don’t lie. 100% light faction armor. Ice gauntlet with only entombed on it no other perks. No con bonuses 6300 health max. I get focused hard in wars. And pve I can out heal anything fast af except one shot stuff.

Only reason I have certain Passives on gaunt is so it doesn’t tell me I have points to spend.

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yep IG is only for entomb and int. i would suggest you drop mending touch and add protectors strength. not many other options with our DPS.

Can’t I need it for the last perk on the left 30% extra healing to people below 50% health def not worth the trade off. Plus removing rend and fire on allies is still godly

if they are below 50% then they are already done for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but really the solid 10% always imo is better than a situational 50%. without the touches working like before i bet your parse has changed a bit.

Not for my healing output ha ha.but nothing for me changed as of yet. And in wars when people get hit hard af in 2 shots it’s nice for the sustain. I’m in ever war I can be on out server cov and syn

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