Healers in outpost rush

Pretty sure this thread has been done a million times now but hey ho.

So I’m actually still really enjoying the game after hundred of hours and the rewards from outpost rush even losing are good to refill my azoth.

But… I have a small annoyance when it comes to healers in heavy armor, I swear I had three games out of seven last night in which one to three players on the other team would rush our spawn and laugh in the faces of the whole group healing themselves against tons of damage.

Is healing staff with heavy armour overtuned?, No clue but from what I’ve seen ags need to look into it lol


As a heavy armor healer, I can tell you that you just need to get better. There is a massive gap between competent DPS and bad DPS. Two competent DPS will kill any healer very quickly. Ten bad DPS will have trouble and then run to the forums to bitch about healers.


well, since i’m playing in top tier on my server I can tell this is not true. 2 DPS can’t handle a heavy healer who is not incompetent. Even 3-4 has a hard time. It’s just overtuned. (I’m main healer also)

Two DPS who know how to stagger their interrupts and knock you out of sacred ground and knows how to hit you in the back will kill you.

Hell, a patient and adequately skilled archer can knock 80% of a healer’s health off by just waiting for the healer to be CC’d. With the way IG/FS is right now, they can mangle healers too.

I’m always top score in OPR and top 2 or 3 healers in every war, and am in nearly every war my faction has. Everyone on the server knows me and asks me for help for healing. Enemy teams specifically target me first every OPR and war. If that isn’t “top tier” I don’t know what qualifies.

You aren’t facing good DPS. There are good DPS that know how to handle healers. There are bad DPS who don’t. It’s that simple.


He’s top tier. Just nerf healers so everyone can one shot them. Better yet remove healers so cry babies like Mr top tier can cry more when the potions don’t keep em alive.

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I think gear makes a bigger difference than people bother to talk about. Not all heavy armor healers are voidbent heavy armor.

If they are voidbent heavy armor, are all the DPS complaining in equally high ilvl gear? Are they DPS with weapons that have CC?

Should they scale stats up and down in PvP so there’s not as big of a power gap if that is a problem?

Should OPR have a better chance of upgrading your watermark and be a better alternative source of gear?

There are a few posts showing that gear doesn’t matter in OPR. Check it out.

Nice to see you got the point. Thanks for the constructive comment mr noname #growup :wink:

lol, the only thing that kills heavy armor healer rn is icegaunt, which is also overtuned.

They’re definitely not as broken as pre-resil bug patch though. Pre-resil patch they could actually tank 10 competent dps, but not anymore.

No, the only thing that kills a heavy healer is a skilled played. I get smoked lots of times by CCs and stuns.

gods i just love balance topics because there is always those of named op class defending it.

same skill and equiplevel provided a healer wins 99 of 100 1v1 fights arguing that you “only” need 2 good DD’s with CC chain to kill one healer is screeming for a nerf too.

some facts healers can use pots too and good healers wont ever get in the situation to be chain cc’ed because dodge is avaiable aswell.

there has to be a rock, paper, scissors system but its actually Rock, Paper, Nuclearbomb in terms of balance.

then you’re bad

Bro stop crying they already got heavy nerfed when they fixed resilience. Just use an ice gauntlet you will insta kill them. U no longer need 5 or 6 people unless ur trash.

Wrong, it is a FACT that it is very easy to out heal dps in this game.

“Get good” If you were ANY good you wouldn’t need to exploit obvious mechanics to stay alive xD

It’s a fact. No more comments.

You have people who frequently claim healers take no skill to play and just faceroll to be unkillable vs. 3+ DPS, some even claim 10. When people point out that they die all the time as a healer and it doesn’t take an army, magically healing takes skill to play and those people must be bad!

I get chain CCed in OPR all the time. Roots, stuns and knockbacks all over the place. Nobody is just sitting in the middle of a SG like la dee da nobody can do anything to me!

Heavy armor are supposed to be used by pure tanks, not every bitch around whos too scarry to wear light armor. You have to take w bigger look, not only from your position

lol standing in aoe and pressing 2 buttons is considered hard nowadays

Imagine that its still a problem now, and they have cried every single patch with “They have rendered healing useless!”

Healing either takes no skill and anyone can faceroll and easily tank everybody, or apparently it takes skill and some people are just bad at it. You have to pick one.