Healers of forum, how many of you are thinking in quitting healing after this changes?

I am using heavy armor because light is useless for a healer, I am only see it useful with the triple roll and you need go full dex to get that…

What you don´t want to see is how useless, non-rewarding and boring they are making the healer…


If you also deal good damage then you are a paladin, not a healer.

and I’m in the process of farming my light pvp set cause 30% more coupled with the 20% less for heavy equals 50% less healing in heavy so I will adapt. also don’t run hatchet. you need an ice gauntlet for the aoe and cocoon for max survivability. I’ll just have to learn to dodge better.

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I quit healing with the last nerf. GA is so OP, even in full light armor. No reason to play anything else. Craft a ton of low level food and spam it while running around.

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Let me preface my reply with - I’ve been playing since launch and just 15 minutes ago hit 50. I enjoy healer types in MMO’s, the only game I didn’t ‘Main’ a healer was UO (Mage/Tamer/Scribe). With that being said, I tried out the HA/LS in my leveling for a few days, didn’t see what all the hype was about (Clearly didn’t get in much PvP) which I’m all about and a big part of why I’m playing this game.

Any who, I won’t quit because of some changes to LS, and would rather rock Light/Medium armor anyway. Will I get invited to WARS once I’m 60, perhaps not, will I get wrecked in OPR, perhaps. If I quit the game it’ll be because of the various bugs and glaring flaws the game has, but AGS isn’t taking care of because they’d rather tweak and manage other things like Weapon Balance.

Here is the full list of changes currently on the life staff:

Full post here: PTR and November Balance Changes

I’m not a healer (or a mage, I play GA) and if the changes on PTR go live I’m absolutely done with this game.

Why do you think the LS changes are made just due to listening to hardcore pvp’ers?

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I don’t like the gutting of mana regen from field. Mana sustain is already pretty brutal, they’ve got it tuned on live right now so you can just manage to keep yourself going with potion spam. Who does a 50% nerf to mana regen at the same time as a major healing value change? It is senseless.

I watch the wars on my server on Twitch. Healing isn’t strong at all on live right now. People are misinterpreting healing as strong because the companies winning wars are exploiting stacking every tier of health regen food. You can tell by looking at the healing done stats on the after war summary. Teams with healers are doing 20x more healing on the chart, but the effective healing during the fight is all happening on the team exploiting regen food stacks, and they aren’t even using healers. A healer doing 900k healing during a war is doing like 10% of the effective healing of a hammer/ga guy with 3 healing foods on.


Healing is actually a very simple thing to balance in mmorpg’s. They need to be tough to kill. The healing numbers themselves can be adjusted to whatever the developers desire, but healers need to be tough to kill. If a single dps (or even two) can kill a healer quickly, there is no point to having them. You are much better served bringing another dps to aid with damage.

You ensure the survivability of a healer in one of two ways: making them hard to hit, or making them able to tank damage. In New World, the former is not applicable. Ranged can simply point at healers and shoot them. And melee can press W. So this leaves healers needing to be able to tank some damage.

It remains to be seen how the PTR will transfer over to live. But if at any point healers just become a free kill for a melee or two, I’ll drop the game until they fix it. People play healers to save others, not to be a liability or an ego ejaculation for dps.



The argument that if a healer is killable they will be focused down first applies to any player in a team. They’re all killable and they can all be focused down first. If the healer’s survivability is in line with everybody else’s survivability but they’re still being targetted first, then what this tells you is that the healer is the most important role on the team. You’re going to have a hard time convincing anybody that a role is too weak if they’re the first priority kill in any situation.

Players are supposed to die. Players dying, or even the healer dying, does not suggest there is any problem with the level of healing output. Because you’re supposed to die.


Thank you for saying this.

That is sort of the point. Healers ARE one of the most important roles on the team. Killing a single healer can easily change the outcome of a fight. So NOW you have to ask yourself, should such an important role be killed easily by one or two people? If your answer is yes, then we don’t really have more to discuss.


Maybe you should ask yourself why one person on the team should be more important than the others and still be complaining that he isn’t important enough.

Want to know how you’ll know when the Lifestaff is too weak? It’s not when a person holding a Lifestaff is capable of dying, it’s when nobody in PvP bothers attacking them because they aren’t accomplishing anything.

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Depends on how healing with the void gauntlet is. I play a heavy armor healer because I’ve always based my view on healers on Clerics from D&D. A lot of people see it more as a priest from WoW but being just another type of mage is not a play style I’m interested in. Honestly, the lack of options for healers is pretty bad compared to the diverse selection for other builds (balance issues aside at least).

If healing in heavy armor isn’t viable after the update I’ll probably respec, which isn’t a big deal since it’s pretty cheap to do so. Probably go int void gauntlet that seems like it might be fun.

I quit because customer support are a bunch of cyber police who couldn’t give two fucks less about their job and just want a paycheque.

Until AGS addresses that CS is basically an autonomous authority banning people willy-nilly, and until they do so in a manner that isn’t desperately trying to save both their face and CS’, I refuse to play on the simple principle that I really would rather just skip the part where I get banned for saying something when I got mass reported four hours after the fact.

When CS has a fucking leash, I’ll come back. Even if I only ever heal double digits, at this point it’s just the behavior of CS I hate.

I will probably make my own thread about it.

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I just won’t heal GA and WH people.

On a serious note, no i won’t quit, just will adapt and keep healing :smiley:


Whether you like it or not, that is how reality works. This is as true in real life as it is in games. Some roles are more important than others. People play different archetypes in games for specific reasons. Tanks enjoy being vital to pve content. They know that they hold the survivability of the entire group on their shoulders. They relish that responsibility and get a rush from that.

DPS have their own joy. They love the large numbers and people dropping to their damage. The thrill of deleting people is why they play. Healers play because they know they are one of the most important roles in the group. They like life. They like preserving it for their teammates and themselves.

It’s not like I don’t understand your hold our hands and sing kum ba yah and everyone should be equal thing you’re doing, but it’s just not applicable here. People want to excel in the roles they have chosen. You telling a healer to simply die when someone targets them is the equivalent of me saying dps shouldn’t be able to kill anyone they hit. Both statements spit on the role and purpose that these two types of players decided to specialize in.


Your post just said that you think you should be more important than other people because you like being more important than other people.


If that is what you got from our conversation, it seems more accurate to say that you have an inferiority complex rather than me seeking out superiority.