Healers using all light armor needs a buff

Playing as a light armor healer in both war and in OPR is a nightmare… we get targeted a lot because you know… were healers with life staff… it’s a common strategy to take down the healers first to win a keep… sadly… we healers with light armor are very squishy! I firmly believe that we should get a nice passive and let us have some survivability on hand…


Wear medium if you have a hard time positioning or healing yourself. Other than that, being squishy in light is intended as your healing output is very high.

I got buffed. I quit.

yeah i use medium for all aspects of gameplay. light bonuses is just not worth it.

Way i view it. In typical fantasy lore, Clerics wear chainmail, or light plate :slight_smile:

It is how it should be with pvp in an mmo. Healers should be potent, but squishy. It should not take 5 dps 3 minutes to kill a healer in heavy armor.


I can’t even reply my eyes are watering omg.

You don’t play healer. Just say that.



15 or 20% bonus heal come out to being couple hundred more. those are the single target big heals.

Most heals in game come from the regen circle stuff. so the impact of the % bonus is even lower.

I agree the light armor buff although says 30% healing actually equals 7%. There’s no real gain being so squishy in light. The 7% bonus is not worth the trade off. Light healing needs a huge buff



I don’t disagree with buffing light armor further. I’m just saying, if you dislike being squishy dont wear light.

In PvP it’s not the output that usually wins it’s mobility, followed by cc potential. Most pvp games, mobility is king.

I think they should start looking at this for armors. They should separate the bonuses and drawbacks for pvp and pve.

Here’s what I mean - in pve aggro matters. Wearing heavy in pve should increase aggro generation, by a lot. Double it. Or add 50% aggro on heavy and 50% less aggro on light. That would probably be enough to remove heavy healers and heavy dps from pve meta.

In pvp, however, it needs to be different. With mobility being the most important thing, heavy should get a 5% speed reduction, because, well, it’s full effing heavy armor and takes fractional damage.

And light should get a 5% speed boost. The 10% difference between the two should be noticeable in pvp, along with existing healing/damage bonuses.

No that’s not what you were saying. You tried to justify the current state of things by making a very mis-informed comment based on obvious inexperience and lack of knowledge. Just try admitting you were wrong instead of backtracking and saying you meant things you didn’t.

They gutted even pure healers with the idea of running light. Light armor isn’t worth so it’s better to be in just medium or heavy. Light needs to be buffed to be worth the trade off

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It is what i was saying. In light you’re super squishy but the healing output is very high. I also aknowledged that that the tradeoff isn’t worth right now if you get taken out too easily.

Again, if you find you’re too squishy in the current state of things, don’t wear light.

You’ve actually replied to this comment:

Yet, you still stand behind your statement that the “healing output is very high” in light armor?

Ok I’m confused where did I say output healing is high? Bc I didn’t. They nerfed healing with the intention of pushing healers to light armor and it’s equating to a 7% healing buff in light. Healing is gutted. Light is just too squishy to benefit with only a 7% output. So it basically equates to gutted healers still having to wear medium or heavy. Hope that clarifies for you.

I do. Focus scales multiicatively on life staff healing abilities unlike other weapons’ abilities. For example, if it scaled like other weapons do, Divine Embrace would heal for around 1k before passives (135% scaling) , yet I can get above 2k without issue. There’s a thread somewhere in general discussion that found the exact formula for healing ability scaling. That 30% healing bonus on base weaon damage does amount to a very significant increase in output. Not 30% perhaps, but significant nonetheless.

My alt is full focus but he’s only lvl 49 to be fair, but i do play the game a fuck ton, and light gear healers, right now , heal a LOT.

Third time i’m writing this: i’m not saying that the tradeoff is worth it. It isnt, since healers are focused in pvp and get a lot of aggro in pve. If you die easily you cant heal.

My informed opinion is that light armor healing output isn’t the issue; it’s their lack of built in survivability, which VG doesn’t offer either.

In SWTOR, healers have many CCs to keep melee enemies at bay. Consulars have an ability on a shot cooldown that acts as both a cleanse and invulnerability for, if i rememeber correctly, about 10 seconds.

Priests in wow have shielding options, compensating for low base health.

In all other MMOs, healers can hold their own witgout heavy armor.

In New World, survivability is too reliant on damage reduction coming from the armor you choose, creating an imbalance in all.spheres of play and ESPECIALLY healers.

The Devs had the right intention wanting to move healers from heavy armor but they never adressed the actual issue: LS has no built in survival tools that dont require.you to heal yourself and let your mates die.

You didn’t the quoting on this forum is as broken as the game. I fixed the comment.

Agreed I get 2 hit Q_Q constantly light armor is not worth the squishiness . I can’t heal my team if I’m dead

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