Healing Calculator (Web App)

I built an online tool that lets you calculate outgoing healing with different build combinations. Give it a try here: https://www.nw-tools.info/healing-calc


Very nice. One suggestion however, can you add a spot to include the number of buffs for Light’s Embrace?

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Agreed, that makes a big difference to it’s healing, could be especially important for those trying to compare it to divine embrace.

That’s a really cool tool!

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Does this include Void Gauntlet heals?

I just pushed out an update to include this. Thanks for the feedback @kiralia & @truffsekka

It seems inconsistent, I’ve seen a 1073 tick on my sacred ground before but it says my max is 893.

Can you share what you put into the calculator to get 893, and whether the 1073 was on yourself or someone else? Perhaps I can figure out what’s missing. The formula should be accurate but there really are many factors that go into that final number.

300 focus
600 ring
600 LS
T5 diamond
All passives maxed

It was on someone else

Out of curiosity. How did you match the in-game calculations?

Through testing, many players have come to think that armor bonuses and tooltips give less than the % they state. As in light armor stating +30% healing and damage output, while it really gives around 12% due to how the game maths work.

I really like those kind of tools, and knowing their insides too.

I’ll run through the math of my best guess here, but it could’ve been from one of many things.

With a 600GS life staff at 300 focus, sacred ground has a base healing value of 235. This is the foundation of your healing output. Then, there are the outgoing modifiers, which are additive with each other:

  • 150 FOC bonus: +20%
  • Medium armour: +15%
  • 600GS Sacred: +8.5%
  • 600GS Blessed: +20%
  • T5 Diamond: +15%
  • Bend Light: +20%
  • 3x Intensify stacks: +30%
  • Protector’s Strength: +10%
  • Divine Blessing: +30%

This gives a total outgoing healing bonus of +168.5%. The numbers will then work out nicely if we add a ~590GS Mending Protection bonus of 36%, to get a total of +204.5%.

235 * 3.045 = 716
This is the outgoing amount. Now we consider the incoming bonuses, which fall under a separate category.

In this case, only Sacred Ground’s Blessed perk is relevant, which is +50%. For reference though, this is the same category that Divine or the sword and shield’s Recuperation skill would fall into.

716 * 1.5 = 1073.
Mending Protection isn’t included in the web app currently, but its bonus at 590GS would resolve this.

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great tool!!! Good work @PaulWorsteling

For the record those I truly love the New World Damage Calculator (nw-tools.info)

Question since I can’t really see how it’s possible via the tool what’s the highest Lights embrace? The calculator will show up to a specific amount with divine not accounted for.

I believe a small group of people in either the Warpath or Morrolan Discord servers solved this one, really just with a lot testing and experiments.

The reason bonuses appear to give less than the tooltip suggests is because they are all additive with each other, instead of multiplicative. In the situation Indignation shared above, the healing multiplier is at x2.685. If they were to switch from medium (+15%) to light armour (+30%), that multiplier would go to x2.835 - only a 6% improvement, not 15%.

There’s a brief explanation below the calculator but check out those Discord servers if you want to dive deeper.

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