Healing Changes (Feedback / Suggestion)

First, my feedback, every single NERF to the Life Staff was a mistake. Again, let me restate it, every single downgrade, reduction, removal of strength (aka NERF) was a mistake.

Constructive criticism, the problem people had with Life Staff was the fact that people were using it in conjunction with heavy armor, making them very difficult to kill. Instead of NERFing the Life Staff, you should have added the following…

Proposed change: While wearing “Heavy Armor” all outgoing healing is reduced by 20% - 30%.

Problem solved.

I agree with the heavy armor nerf. For me, in medium armor healing was not really reduced, combining VG with LF is amazing for a dungeon run. It feels better if you get the combos just right. I like this update.

I know this isn’t exactly on topic but i guess it kind-of sort-of fits…

Anyone else experiencing that “sticky targetting” doesnt work like it used to?

Previously when you had a sticky target spells would go onto the target instantly.
Now it sends you into the normal targetting animation.

Was this intended or is it just some sort of annoying bug / side effect of the new “out of range” mechanic?


It absolutely was changed as you expect- And i’m very certain it is a bug. Drastically adds time to casting and is terrible. Hope it gets fixed.

Im still rocking full heavy as a healer, why?, well because you have to have survivability against the higher level content. That minimal healing buff they gave for light and mid armor wont keep you alive from the one shot thorps or the almost never miss a shot muskateers/archers. A dead healer is a dead team up against the horrendous damage and health pools they gave elite mobs. Farming hwm went down the crapper. claps @ AGS Bravo

I do agree if they had made changes to mitigate heavy armor to give a -20% healing it would have forced me into using the medium armor never will I ever use light as a healer. However medium armor still cannot take a beating from endgame mobs so what are we supposed to do? O’ I get it drop healing and move to a meta build. No thanks I love healing in mmo’s clearly not this one now but im still going to stick with it. It deff needs reworked. Blessed needs to return to its original specs 19% blessed is garbage give us back the 27% on higher level LS while you’re at it revert the Windsinger back to legendary 600 the one that was put in for Arcana thats 600 is not a healing staff its more like here have +20 more damage to your already useless damage output LMAO. I really wish healer UI acted more like RAID FRAMES from WoW where I could select a player specifically and send out my heals to them. The targeted healing is trash and I just free heal group gets the aoe heals and I self sustain with lights embrace. Until they give a buff to light and medium damage absorb ill happily remain in full heavy.

I needed to edit this and place a suggestion in here. Faction gear that was purchased previously we need a system in place that refunds for purchases. It doesn’t need to be 100% full refund id happily accept 50% refund on faction items purchased and then grind out missions to be able to get the remaining pieces.

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