Healing nerf in every patch

Lol, I played through OoW and only quit because my dad wanted to play EQ2, and I ended up joining the military and didn’t exactly have time to keep up.

Whatever you say though.

Played on Bristlebane and Rallos Zek on EQ1, Nagafen almost exclusively in EQ2.

I played EQ while in the Marines, with 2 deployments so not sure thats an excuse but I’ll let it drop cause Happy Veterans day :slight_smile:

Yeah, I served for 12 years and had way more than 2 deployments. Thanks for your service and all, but I think I got a little more time under my belt overseas than you seem to. Calm down, boot.

Well you know what they say: The smart ones get out.

Smart and Marines in the same context. I’ll leave it at that.

Really dude, not trying to get in a pissing match with you. I worked on missile guidance systems, I know it is hard to believe but a few of the MOS’s in the Corps required fairly high intelligence levels. Considering I am now a professor irl I feel pretty confident in my abilities. Thanks though.

You literally started the pissing match, prof. I’m just finishing it.

Nah, I am. blocked

K. Not starting a pissing match at all. Whatever you say, prof.

Healers have been nerfed a lot more than just that… The last 4 patches have all had healer nerfs in them, while other things that are far more gamebreaking than a healer who can barely do damage anyway being able to heal effectively.

Yo boy marry me :rofl::rofl:

I CONSTANTLY pull agro from tanks. not just my friend, any tank. and no, the amber gems dont help, im sitting at 350 focus, i do MAX, 1.5k with one hit from my hammer on heavy hit, with all buffs applied. while tanks and dps are hitting 5-9 k. and the higher tier gems dont make a difference either. all amber gems do just about the same damage. it’s a bug

Tested healing on PTR server. It’s not hard nerfed and you can still heal someone from 900 hp to near 10k with just two abilities.

Healing is Buff in this game because there is no counter to it. Most long standing games have a method to stunt or dampen healing. I have been confused as to why FIRE STALF has not been fixed as the counter to healing. Burn Damage should make healing less effective.

Life staff will be required to have the void gauntlet as a secondary since it can boost your heal skills plus light armor provide 30% more heals and medium 15%. it will be a good impact on pve and pvp

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You know, as a 1-60 healer with 477hrs on LS, I’m okay with the latest balance changes I’m seeing in the PTR Patch. I can get behind the latest changes to LS on this post. Especially with the targeting UI and range balances for targeted skills.

At this point I would be surprise to not see a Life Staff nerf for every patch. Please continue this tradition.

lol. So you never tried heals.

The problem is, that from theirs point of view for example 2000 players had equipped life staff and then straight after nerf or even a week after nerf the amount is very similar, so for them seems like all good, because those people still using life staff, but devs as always don’t see a whole picture. People keep playing healers, because the game is forcing them to do it. For example i joined a regular group as a healer and every evening those people count on me, because without me they wudn’t be able to do garden of genesis, or lazurs etc. How can i stop playing here if the slot in party i am holding is reserved for a healer role, if i change to be great axe it will be equal to put myself out of group, not only dissapoint people i am playing with, but also will be forced to find new friends, the grop who already have an active and regular healer, but this will be insane hard, all the healers are already bounded to a specific people, there is not many free to play with, so i want or not i have no options, no matter how much annoing is to be healer, how stupid is that class i need to play it. Those changes pushing me to stop play this game at all, losing fun…

Currently those people who still using life staff, not doing it, because the class is fun and gives satisfaction, they play because have no choise or just in general they always were playing a healer in every other mmorpg, fully dedicated healers.

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