Healing nerf was unwarranted

The main nerf:

  • Reduced base healing by 20% across the board to account for the increase in healing from equip load

Which is supposedly be because of:

  • Increased the healing bonus of the light equip load from 20% to 30%, and increased the healing bonus for medium equip load from 10% to 15%.

The bonus for Light load was increased by 10% units and for medium load for only 5%. Neither of these are close to the 20% across the board nerf.

So what is the real reason for this nerf? Healing staff already has sub-bar damage and mediocre buffs so by nerfing the only reason for life staff existing is unwarranted and will make combat over quicker and healing matter less which translates to DPS mattering even more, specially in PvP where it is harder to land good heals because of the constant movement.

Bad change. Very bad change.


To actively discourage healers from being in full heavy armor?


Did you even read my post?

Both light and medium armored healers were nerfed by this stupid change.


Yes and to mitigate that nerf you go into light/medium armor. The nerf hits heavy the hardest. Let’s wait to see how this patch plays out. If healers are too weak don’t worry, everybody will side with you and voice concerns for a needed buff.


there is no reason to play light armor. you are already dead before casting any heal.


It was done to appease the PVP players… who were crying about being unable to kill players being protected by the healers…

The problem is, it’s utterly wrecked the healing ability in dungeons… where there is usually only 1 healer… not 20…


Maybe this is an incentive to position properly? Just because you were playing on easy mode up until now doesn’t mean that’s how it should continue to be. Also people love to regurgitate random bs they hear like its gutted healers ability to heal in expeditions. Guaranteed 99% of players haven’t played an expedition on PTR, and the live servers arent out yet, so they’re just talking out their behind


Maybe you shouldn’t assume… and make up facts in your own mind.


Simply stop being a healer. When no more dungeons and elite runs are done it will change again . Will probably go from full healer to selfish hatchet/ga heals for a while. Have fun making groups.


“Healing Nerf was unwarranted.” - Bad healers enjoying how broken it was, 2021


Hard disagree. It was needed and it can always be tweaked in the future.


Please stop with these uneducated posts. You are all actual degenerates. AGS literally stated they wanted to move healing out of heavy armor users. It has been tested on PTR and healers are outputting 110 - 115% MORE heals in light armor and about the same in medium.


I thought it wasn’t a sever enough reduction.
Healing, with all the buffs is too much right now, a loss of 20% won’t mean much.

I have low health, under 8k, but between the 2 HoT and the big heal, I can go from a sliver of health to full in 1 tick. Kinda crazy for something I can do every 3 seconds.

So they want healers to be super squishy, not in heavy armor mitigating damage from people targeting them?

They wants to nerf the healing so it’s not as easy to keep people alive, which is the sole purpose of the healer?

They want healers to have garbage DPS so they are balanced and not able to deal high damage and heal?

So you want a super squishy healer that dies quickly, a healer that doesn’t have the healing ability to keep him/herself alive or others alive taking heavy damage and a healer that can’t deal any meaningful amount of damage that could even remotely be comparable to any other class?

So you want a class that’s good at nothing and bad at everything? That’s sound super enjoyable. People moan and complain and cry about how hard healers are to kill, but I haven’t seen A SINGLE PERSON mention how they are dying to healers… So you just want a healer to be easily killable but not get killed by them?

As far as I’ve seen in this game there are tons of things you can do to heal yourself in PVE and PVP (such as potions, food and such) to give everybody survivability in the absence of a healer or being a healer but I’ve yet to see anything to do extra DPS to kill mobs as a healer with the DPS of a 2 year old swinging a wet noodle.


If healing was “easy mode” then what is DPS? I have respect for tanks but DPS is the real easy mode in this game.

Healing is actually harder in this game than in other MMOs where you have more than three healing spells with long cooldown aswell as tiny range and/or healing amount for AoE heals.


There is no way to play light and medium as a healer.
The defense of heavy armor is 200% more than light.
And it does not matter how much % of heal they increase for light, you just can’t heal yourself when you get killed by like 1 shot.
I need to sacrifice myself to heal the other stupid dps? Not a chance.


Im not going to get into a debate about whether healing or dps is harder because it’s kind of a troll question. There’s no mechanics to healing other than managing cooldowns and aiming your heals properly. Now you also have to position yourself properly. Enough said and it’s fair.


truth right there LOL

Healing was broken, and you sir, are a man baby.

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so the healers are the ones who play easy mode. what about everyone else? heavy armor is meta, doesn’t matter which class you play. But yeah, listen to the bad dps players who can’t kill a healer by its own but forget the fact that they are using heavy as well.