Healing - questions

I agree that Light’s Embrace is superior. The +30% per buff of healed target+slightly lower CD+slightly lower mana cost is main reason. Divine’s might be better if it wasn’t 8meters. That is basically a ball group and I’ve yet to see everyone in need of healing that close

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I am level 28 and I heal the tank for 1600+ HP with light’s embrace. The instant heal with no animation is far superior than the other single target heal in my opinion.

As long as you have enough buffs active (I have the 2 from the passives) + the other player’s buff it adds up and you can heal A LOT every 4 seconds.

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better heal ? it’s debatble.

its 100% base + 30% PER BUFF on target, with only 4s (40-50% CD reduction on some perks) and gives back 25 stamina on heal target for only 1 more point = can dodge or block more which is invaluable to the tank.

if target has At least 2 buffs you heal more with light embrace than divine embrace.

and in fight people get 4-6 buff all the time, i proc some 2800hp heal when target is below 50% all the time at lvl 54 in depths.

the Up to 3 target feels super situational at best and most of case wont trigger unless all your dps are dying which should be rare. and if they arent stupid they should just stay in your aoe which will full heal them in like 3sec with how paper thin is their hp in most cases maming the proc meh (imo)

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As I said, direct healing can be janky in my experience and I just find it easier to use orb for the buffs. Im not discrediting direct heals but until they make the targeting system more streamline, I won’t be using it personally.

Anyone NOT using Lights embrace while healing LV 55+ expeditions?

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Wow so much information and only some people seem to have actually come to the logical conclusion.

After over 200 hours since launch healing, you want lights embrace, sacred ground and beacon, you want to run heavy armor, for offhand you can either use sword and shield, hammer CC, ice gauntlet or hatchet, all to good effect.

If you use your heals properly you will never have any mana issues, I’ve done countless dungeons and only occasionally do i have to chug a mana potion, most often never.

Once you get to 45+ the light attacks from staff does decent sustain coupled with sacred ground, just stack up three heavies and do 2-3 lights, then heavy to keep buff on yourself.

I’ve had so many groups go “oh wow maybe this isnt so bad after all” :stuck_out_tongue: Healing is very rewarding in this when done right, as is tanking. And I do both, as tanking only really needs constitution any way so you can just run sword and board with lifestaff offhand, heals do quite abit of threat as well etc.

People are still abit to boxed in their ways I feel with this game. The best builds are not always the traditional ones :stuck_out_tongue: For example our tank runs both a light and heavy armor set depending on boss, some bosses are just easier to kite and dodge as ranged wear him down.

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I still much rather use Divine Embrace than Light Embrace, but hey…both are good so it’s fine to pick the one you like more, as long as one isn’t using Splash of Light it’s fine xD

Am I reading this correctly, a significant number of healers use Orb of Protection instead of Divine or Light’s Embrace in PVE Dungeon content?

I would like to hear more!

The problem I find with the single target heal is… targeting! Sometimes it just won’t let me scroll to heal my target using mouse wheel, just ignores members of my group without a logical reason. Aiming the single target heal with Tank being pushed around is just to much hit or miss with its cool down and Light’s Embrace heavy Mana Usage.

Is Orb of Protection + Sacred Ground + Beacon a viable Long Term alternative?

Please share your thoughts!

Thank you.

I’m interested in exactly this.

I appreciate that this trio can work well in PvP, works well in low level PvE (I’m using them, I have had no problems with healing in the Amrine Excavation and PvE up to level 30), but are current end game expeditions needing more spot healing to make Light’s Embrace necessary (through the Orb of Protection 10% weapon damage Heal over Time just not cutting it, in the current end game?).

I can’t speak to long term - not sure who can, but I’ve healed through depths so far using orb/sacred/beacon with only minimal issues. The minimal issue was going OOM on the depths final boss and my take away from that was play better and probably should have used an Ice Gauntlet as second weapon.

I don’t see a huge need for a single heal – if you drop all 3 heals on someone they are going to be fine and once you get the right gear/abilities you will be able to have 100% uptime on beacon. However, I do think the build Leiloni posted make sense as well. To me the right way to look at it is: if you already have SG and Beacon do you need Orb? Especially given that you have to invest 4 points to make it worthwhile. Just one point in Light’s embrace lets you take more good passives and LE gives you some flexibility to heal that DPS who for good and bad isn’t in the green circles.

That being said, I won’t do it right now because I despise the healing lock system, for reasons others mentioned above. Without a single target heal I can just turn it off (so it doesn’t screw with sacred ground).

Also, on a different topic, it should be clearly noted that despite what the tooltip says you don’t heal for any more in light armor than you do in heavy. Increased DPS and mobility are reasons to wear light, but raw healing output isn’t one of them.

I think, with Sacred Ground being very static, it should have some sort of Damage Over Time associated with it. That would make leveling Life Staff mastery a bit more enjoyable as well.

Ideally, I’d like to see it serve simultaneous purposes: heal friendly, harm enemies.

The type of mouse matters with the mouse wheel to select target to be healed feature. I downgraded from g902 to my older mouse (a g503) and the mouse wheel works fine.

Sucks but it is a work around

It is, actually even in PVP (wars) is good to have a mix of healers who have that AoE heal build and the ones who have one of the two spike instant heals.


Thank you for your reply the information is helpful.

Agreed the heal lock system is really which is holding me back from wanting to use a direct heal. Last night again I was in a group and my target was right in front of me, no obstructions, and I could not scroll to the target it kept skipping them over and over. I moved from one spot to another no luck. Then later that evening I could heal them fine and it skipped another member of my party. I checked it is not always the same position (#3 or #4) it skips seems to be random, very frustrating.

As to running out of mana… I found a cheap and simple solution is using a Mana Focus (+regen) potion very helpful. Another downside of Light’s Embrace, especially leveling is its huge mana cost combined with it’s insta cast, leads to over use and draining of mana.

I am surprised using orb/sacred/beacon you ran out of mana… I will need to study that a bit more before I take my group to the Depths.

Also agree the attractive feature of Light’s Embrace is it is a one skill point wonder & insta cast.

Again thank you and hopefully others will offer their thoughts on this topic as it is of great interest to many of us still leveling and looking for real world experiences on healing abilities

The heal targeting could be so much easier if once you click the single target heal skill you can then use 1-5 keys to select the target. This would enable almost instant very easy single target heal.

I would also want to have an option to disable targeting for Sacred Ground. How often I tried to place sacred ground to my mouse position but it placed it somewhere on a person far away from the tank and the tank didn’t have the important sacred ground healing and buffs for a long time. This is so annoying.
I know you can bind a key to deactivate the targeting after you clicked sacred ground but is a hassle and distracts a lot.

I hope they add such functionality at least as option.

So for me it would be the shortcut R for the Heal and 3 for the 3rd person in the group. So much easier than scrolling or using keys to move up/down in the group list - especially you always have to check which one is first selected before you move up/down to the correct target - it is not always the first person in group.

I have no idea why they didn’t come up with something like that from the very beginning. There would be pretty much no frustration about single target heal spells inside a group

Someone has tested " Glowing Focus passive, but with testing, it only extends fortify"

Has anyone tested this ability and have a list of what is does and does not increase duration?

did anyone tested divine blessing does it work with ongoing healing like orb,beacon,sacred ground ?

I have heard in the past Splash of Light was nerfed, recently have heard it is being used again. Anyone have current experience with it’s use? In the light of the AOE nerfs considering all the options previously discounted.

Current information appreciated

Don’t you get a healing boost if you are wearing medium armor?

You are supposed to get a 20% increase in light, 10% increase in medium. However it has been tested to not fully give those %'s as healing is additive and many perks/skills in game are not working correctly or at all.