Healing System improvement ideas

The single target heal targeting could be so much easier if once you click the single target heal skill you can then use 1-5 keys to select the target in the group. This would enable almost instant very easy single target heal and the frustration with the really bad target selection with scroll would be instantly gone.

Right now since it randomly picks a target you always have to move your attention to the group list to see which target is selected and then decide if you move up/down and by how much. Then you have to hope that your scrolling precision was on top or you heal the wrong person. And while doing that your attention is not where it should be which might get you killed.

With the suggested system to heal player 3 you would basically just press e.g. R for the heal and then 3. This would be so simple and intuitive.

It would overwrite the 1-5 keys while the Single Target Heal is active for targeting which is fine in my opinion. If someone wants to get back their 1-5 keys for weapons and potions just right click to cancel the targeting.


Then there needs to be an option to deactivate target-lock for sacred ground when you have targeting active for healing.

How often have I tried to place sacred ground to my mouse position but it placed it somewhere on a person far away from the tank and the tank didn’t have the important sacred ground healing and buffs for a long time. This is so annoying.
I know you can bind a key to deactivate the targeting after you clicked sacred ground but is a hassle and distracts a lot.

We would just need an option to deactivate target-lock for sacred ground or make an option to switch it around → standard is no target-lock and if you press a key it activates the locking feature.

With these 2 changes I think the healing system would be enjoyable.

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