Healing target system [Why hasn't this been addressed yet?]

Is there a single healer that actually thinks the current healing target system is fine?

I have roughly 700 hours as a healer not including betas, and damn it sucks
Can we get some sort of an overhaul to the targeting system?

Prioritize low HP players
Stop targeting players behind me when I’m aiming at a specific player with low HP
Can we please press the healing button once instead of 7 times to heal another player?
Cancel the single target heals if the player is already dead

Honestly it’s frustrating to heal ever since the game was launched in large-scale PvP
Perhaps can we got something similar to WOW’s healing-bot? that’d be great

Also how can you leave all of the AOEs unfixed for so long? It literally ruins the gameplay


Nobody likes it, but the game design has constrains regarding how the skills were made.

The old targeting system was way worst, now you at least can switch party targeting on/off and some small QoL changes.

The targeting system is just functional to the skills design, and I hated it since day 1 but it was that or no heals. I stuck with it till 2 patches ago and I went to be bad at something else.

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Interesting hearing another complaint.

Today actually ive been rather frustrated with the targeting that i went into setting to turn it off and manually place SG.

The amount of times, in opr, that it places behind or ontop of fort walls when looking at the target or floor is too damn high to be considered reliable.

I find this didnt solve my issue as i still wanted it to snap to a distant target that was difficult to freeplace if the area was very congested.

By difficult i mean it added an extra second or two to the cast to place correctly.

This is due to the “error of parallax”.
Where you kinda need to have a top down view to place it perfectly if at a distance.

And if you’re ground floor with the target, or even worse, downhill, then you’re sometimes short or too far off.

At the moment ive settled with the snap on but unlatch with middle mouse button as the best of both.

Yeah its dogshit. But I’m tired providing again and again the same feedback.

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The folks that think the targeting system is fine aren’t even really healers. The targeting system is completely terrible. We probably won’t even see improvements to the targeting system for probably the rest of the year.


Targeting system is hot garbage.

The only reason why healing is even relevant is ground aoe effects being placed anywhere and everywhere.

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lets bump this bad boi until fixed


And I’d like a pony as well :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I find all NW like that. I’m really suprized I don’t see more complaints about it. Too me the whole NW input just seems “laggy”.

Months ago I posted a video of my health pot flashing mutliple times, but not being used. Why give feedback showing I’ve pressed the key (I know I have!), but somehow not actually do the action? Just fundamentally bad design.

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100%. I find myself having to spam click or key to execute the command.

It never just goes on the first push…

It causes unnecessary frustration when a game changing event can happen in less than a second but pushing the button needs to be done several times before you respond to it.
Sometimes it doesn’t even que the action.

I find this with placing SG, i need to rapid click to make sure it places.

Sometimes with bow if i click too quick, the arrow draws but doesnt fire when i let go and i have to spam click again to shoot…

We gave up on the healing feedback a while ago. Every time a known healer got a thread started, it rapidly derailed into a healer hate extravaganza BeCaUSe ITs ToO EaSy

Certainly AGS provided with the much requested party mode on/off toggle and later improved it with the visual cue, and all that was based on community feedback, but as for the game mechanics and functionality, the only thing thing this forum strives for is for the healers to be gone from arenas, opr, everywhere, so we are done with it.


The game CAN identify that the player is already dead so why not just code the heal differently so instead of us getting a message “player already dead” make it so that it cancels the skill or it hops to the person u are aiming at/looking at. It used to be able to do that. You heal whoever is infront of you but they’ve changed it.

Please revert it back. Thank you.

P.S. Please fix orb of protection and beacon skill. It goes through the ground and buildings.


you have an option to make it aim and not targeted (welp a mix of both)

Aiming divine embrace sounds very reasonable

Anyways, why does it still queue another light attack when spamming lmb? hasn’t this been fixed yet? Been in the game for idk 6 months? lmao

Im playing Healers/Support for 20 years and NW is one of the worst healing systems.
Yes this needs to be address and improved.
The developers really need to learn from the rest of the industry. There are many other examples of good and bad.
NW is mostly bad.

Healers are made of glass
can often not dodge a mechanic if they are casting in that moment
waste a lot of spells because they are missing
reaction time between skills going off cast on self and weapon changing is very slow



I feel this in my bones. The targeting system is so bad when trying to reach the person who needs it the most.

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Or give us the ability to make party macros to heal specific players but yeah healing system is a nightmare.

I think this was added recently but to be honest healing in a group of 5 isn’t as tedious as healing in large scale PvP when there are multiple players cluttered ontop of each other

Scrolling through the 20 players around you and then until you find the player you want to heal you ACCIDENTALLY skip him and need to scroll over again because for some fucking reason it changes the order lmao

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