Healing target system [Why hasn't this been addressed yet?]

Yea lets make healers OPer than how OP they are now. Good point!

What are you even talking about? How is that related to healers being supposedly OP?

It’s literally frustrating to heal because the healing system has complete garbage foundation


True this if the group is any bigger than 5 group party (I’m not going to mention that sometimes even if you scroll through the names in that group, it decides to magically skip the person and you need to scroll few times or you are using sacred ground and you pray someone will react quick enough), now with orb and beacon disappearing under textures, it’s becoming well interesting.

I don’t have an idea for a solution tho, in Wow people are using addon like healbot or voodoo but this is even worse as it raises the generation of bloody clickers and then when they have to use macros or are needed to have reaction time gently faster than wet cardboard, they struggle and cry, so unknown alternative is necessary.

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This gets to me.

Man the amount of times this got me killed because you’re trying to react to an attacker only to fire another left click…

Standard left click attacks should never be qued imo. Swapping and abilities only.

Its just general input responsiveness i guess. Sometimes you have to push the button a few times before something happens.

Also i want to run immediately after i left click like every melee weapon can. Rant over :slight_smile:

But to get back on topic, off the top of my head some solutions i could give to remedy targeting selection.

For my personal use i would like to latch to the target but use the mouse to sticky-unltach by dragging the camera left, right, up or down, eliminating the need for middle mouse button.
Should have a magnetic sort of feel.
But still have the mmb freeplace if its getting confused.

In view snapping:
I also think NON group member snapping should only latch onto a narrow field of view in front of you. Eliminating incorrect SG placement behind you…because whos doing that intentionally?
If you want to latch on second floor, look up.
As if the screen was a vignette and your selection is the center, ignoring edges.

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A thread about healers that isn’t fueled with hatred for them and actually lists issues with our class? That’s a rarity these days. People take healers for granted and think we’re playing with godmode on when it’s one of if not the clunkiest weapon to play with the targetting system / delay between taking hits and hp displaying / the fact we’re forced to run light armor or lose out significantly on healing throughput.

I’ve played healer exclusively since beta and in WoW arenas at fairly high rating (2600+) there’s a lot of simple fixes I think could be made and I can’t be bothered to make a thread about it because I know people will just bombard it with healer hate, as is the case with any healer thread on this game sadly. Unfortunately for us, these said people hating on healers are very quiet when you ask them to try healing for a little while and record themselves being so good at it.

Targetting system should definitely be reworked but could write an essay about it sadly.


Clown award of the day goes to you sir. How does making one class playable make it OP? Try healing for a while see how you like it. Make sure to record yourself doing so. :upside_down_face:

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I think the targeted healing is fine in PVE content like dungeons, but a mess in PVP. Especially in wars, when other players are above or below you. I can see them, but my character obviously can`t… It’s so annoying, when I try to find the right position and start casting and then they take one step away from me and I can’t heal them anymore… It’s not like another 50 players are trying to kill me :wink: The verticallity is making healing useless or simple impossible. Especially the prioritization of actions is making healing hard. This week in garden mutation I was just hoping my character would drink the potion, while trying to stay alive. The priority for drinking potions should be higher than attacking.


There is already keybinds you can assign to each party member under the “keybinds” section. It’s under “Life Staff Combat” and it’s the “Target Group Member 1/2/3/4/5”

I don’t mind the single target healing targeting system. It has limitations that make sense (life staff player since day 1)

if you want to single target someone you have to have unbroken LOS to them. Meaning no teammates in between you and them. If they are in a clump good luck grabbing the right target.

To me this makes sense. Forces you to position properly to target correctly. If you target the wrong person you can press middle mouse button to unlock your targeting (to ground mode) and try to switch to the proper person. Press MMB again to re-target and go back to single target mode. You can also use the scroll wheel (I’m not sure that feature is reliable to swap target, but in a clump you can rapidly go through and find the low health).

All of this requires proper line of sight (except for scroll wheel targeting) just like every other ranged ability in the game. Actually easier than using a ranged ability. Since it locks on to who you want to hit with a heal. It also will grab the nearest target to where you are aiming rather than actually having to hit their hit box. You can limit your LOS by positioning to lock onto your target most times. If you can’t do that then your target deserves to die. Positioning. Positioning. Positioning.

Group mode kind of ruins targeting now it’s super easy for the folks who couldn’t figure it out before. Many healers don’t even turn off group mode. Can stand in front of them and watch them light attack and ignore you. Even in group mode they don’t realize they should turn and face the target to lock onto them quickly. Instead they engage the system and scroll through targets.

Don’t change healing targeting and make it easier. Please stop asking for changes that lower the skill floor and actually learn how to use the systems provided in the game.

The healing system is fine and tracks logically with the other ranged limitations.

The healing system is difficult and requires proper positions to fully utilize. From both the healer and their dps.

This is good. Do not make healing easier. I find the single target healing system to be balanced. If you make it easier it performs at a MUCH lower skill level than any other weapon (and let’s be honest life staff already performs on a lower skill-floor)

Dps standing in a clump and healers wanting to pick out the only low health target in the group should be difficult.

Don’t buff the Zerg more

Don’t make healing easier

Y’all can do it and work within the BALANCED limitation that healing targeting currently has

Or, you can have increased AoEs sizes (excluding sacred) and use your aim to land skills like everyone else? perhaps this is the solution.


Besides being overpowered, Heals are by far the easiest to hit, some abilities require zero skill.

So, your plan is to make it even easier? :joy:

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It has nothing to do with difficulty when the foundation of the system does not work as properly, it is FLAWED.

I’m a returning player and the situation at OPR is just stupid lmao, 90% of the players don’t know how to play this game, only one in a few games I actually face someone with basic knowledge of the game’s mechanics who can totally obliterate the shit out of any healer

Healers are in somewhat good spot right now, more nerfs to healing would just decrease the TTK even more.
Instead of nerfing healers try to buff the weak weapons instead or alter the anti-healing meta (i.e, more consistent anti-healing debuffs) You can literally cut healing out-put by half if played correctly

If you are not a healer and you just wanna keep whining about healers being op there’s another thread for it.

Will we get a dev-team reply here?

Ignore him man, everyone is told him otherwise in his very own post.

And he still has no clue.

He is required to film himself play as healer in opr or somewhere pvp so that his claims can be taken seriously.

Untill then he’s a forum troll.

Oh no, it’s the Life Staff abusing troll again who needs it to stay OP to be able to compete :joy:

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Video or stop trolling. Youre getting ridiculous now.

Hey you can keep standard settings and unlock sacred with mid mouse button. No need to change any settings

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you’re just mental LMAO

you really think I woke up one day, returned to play new world after 6 months and thought to myself hey lets troll on nw forums!!!1

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Not you, Chad. He’s the troll of the forum.

My post was directly after his haha how did you make that mistake XD.

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