Healing Variety Suggestion

The only main healing weapon right now is life staff. You cannot do enough healing output with a void gauntlet in comparison.

As you all consider the next weapon to release, I wanted to offer some suggestions for how to diversify healing gameplay:

  1. Add dual pistols and give them a healing tree and a dps tree.

The healing tree abilities would scale with focus (primary) and dex (secondary); the dps tree would scale with dex (primary) and focus (secondary).

  1. Rework musket or blunderbuss to have a healing tree, but introduce “healing ammunition” that can only be out of combat equipped (maybe “Life Infused Cartridges” or “Azoth Infused Cartridges”, something like that), making it so that it’s a choice whether you’re using it as a healing weapon or a damage dealing weapon in a given combat.

  2. Curse Staff; weapon that focuses on applying dots and debuffs, with a portion of all damage done to a target affected by its dots/debuffs going towards healing party members. This would likely be extremely difficult to balance, but would allow for a very different type of healing playstyle if you can balance it successfully.


Thanks so much for the feedback @AndrewReise I have passed this along to the team.

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We desperately need a new Healing Weapon and getting Foc/Dex out of the way would be nice. Healing is boring, VG does not have enough juice, and balancing LS with another actual healing option is desperately needed.

You still cant have 2 healing wepons on you it will be to much op healing

VG exists btw

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Vg is vg it cant heal same as life staff

1h mace n shield healer would be cool for a cleric class.


Oh man you are severely underestimating orb.

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Well irb cant heal you for 5k

Yes it can. Orb of Protection healing amount bonus persists through weapon swaps. Sacred Ground is 50% extra healing received. Tell me an Orb of Decay isn’t healing for 5K.

Healing is boring not couse there is 1 healing weapon. Its boring couse all there is is aoe or autotargeting.

Just rework LS to it would force users to do something to make healing stronger. LS skills should have 2 parts: one where new player can start with - weaker healing but not much skill required. And other where you have to aim and land your stuff to make healing effective.

Or just leave LS as it is - entry lvl weapon for healers and introduce new one taht will require a of lof player skill.

And no, pistols should not heal ffs. Maybe healing warhammer? “come i will smash your head with my hammer, you will feel better John”.

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if there was another healing weapon like lifestaff , the lifestaff needs to be nerfed into oblivion, its overpowered as it is.

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Had enough of the Strength mindset from New World 2022. If they make a Focus + Strength weapon, save that crap for 2024 honestly.

Pistols should heal, would be awesome since it would require aiming and itemization could possibly be radically different. No doubt AoE healing and locked on targeting is bland, but that is why some marksmanship and a steady hand would differentiate the good from the bad.

Also, perhaps instead of going the usual Refreshing Move, Blessed, and Weapon perk, it would be incredibly cool if you could maximize healing by utilizing damage perks like Vorpal or Enchanted alongside Blessed and perhaps a Weapon perk. Since it would be single-target damage, it would not be too harmful to balance so long as the Pistol is not slapped with absurdly high base damage and hitscan is not attached to it.

Healing Crits perhaps through headshots would be sick and maybe X shots landed in a row ought to reward a crit heal (not too much a fan of the crit RNG element for healing spikes). Rocking 150 Dex would be cool as a healer and moving the effective range of your healing output would be sick seeing as to how LS is (rightfully) purposed for action no further than 25 meters. Hopefully not too pie in the sky…

You dont need pistols to heal wity manual aim lol.
Look at LS auto attacks. Look at FS pillar of fire and many other skills on magic weapons. You have to aim them. LS is simpler to use - dunno why. Seems devs assumed healing is important and if they make it require to much skill, ppl wont play it?

And im still against healing pistols. Better lets make healing cannon. couse why not?

one of the fun healer classes i’ve play was a tempest of set in age of conan.
it was a lighting based healer that would also be a good addition.

Almost like they should design a new healing weapon that uses mechanics that are independent of existing weapons. Crazy concept :crazy_face:.

Healing Pistol because AoE set-it-and-forget-it heals are boring and snap-to single target heals are buggy, clunky, and do not fit the mold of an Action Combat game imo. Want to deal damage? Shoot at the enemy. Want to heal? Shoot at your ally. Want to heal more? Shoot at your ally’s head.

Covers Critical Healing, offers more meaningful ways to demonstrate skillful gameplay as a Focus user, finally injects some build diversity for the Focus stat while covering Focus and Dex split, and perhaps could lend itself as a jump off point for AGS to address ammunition and Hitscan. Lot of copium, but LS is boring and everyone knows it lol.

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