Healing working on weapon switch

I was under the impression that abilities were to stop working when weapons are switched. If you use ice gauntlet and cast ice storm, the second you switch weapons the circle disappears and the damage stops. If this is the case then why is it that melee can use life staff, drop circles and quickly switch back to main weapon and STILL get heals. This needs to be addressed as its highly unbalanced and super annoying. Why take any other secondary weapon as opposed to life staff if you can get ez free heals 24/7.

Plenty of stuff works this way. I can drop the Ice Pillar and swap weapons and it stays. That is why you can’t swap weapons when you have abilities on cooldown. I’m a big fan of how it works currently, in that you lose a lot of the talent buffs when you swap weapons but it doesn’t despawn active abilities.

This is not true

When you cast ice storm and switch the storm keeps going. You are experiencing a bug thats been in game since the ice gauntlet is in game. Respec and DO NOT spec into the last point into the ice storm tree and the ice storm will persist after you switched weapons

The only thing that is removed when you switch weapons is buffs, debuffs, active abilities will stay.

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