Healing/Support weapon suggestion: Pepperbox/toolbelt

Need more diversity for healing / tank options that will be popular. Greatsword looks like a good tank solution to this. My proposition for a healing kit is:

Pepperbox Pistol + Toolbelt. (The pepperbox is a multi-barreled pistol with 4 shots) Scales with Int / Dexterity.

LMB = Pistol shot, RMB = Hold to deploy a small barricade via hand crank, which blocks enemy projectiles in an area once deployed.

Toolbelt Skills:
Bandage: Targeted healing over channel duration. Nearby ally in short frontal cone, or self. (improvements increase healing / remove CD, allows Int / Dex to count toward heal as focus)
Smoke Bomb: Throw a splitting grenade that knocks back enemies. (improvements remove debuffs on allies in location and grants fortify)
Voltaic Mine: Electric shock in location after 3 seconds. Wep damage, shock on enemies / + 100% stam/mana recovery rate on allies. (improvements stun enemies, grant recovery HoT on allies, instantly revive allies at death’s door)

Final Perk: Medkit: Leave a medkit at your position for 10s when you dodge roll. Allies who walk over this are healed and gain empower. 10s CD.

Other perks: Cover fire: Your first LMB every 15 seconds applies stagger. Fortification: Allies inside RMB barricade gain Fortify and stamina regeneration. Assist: Leg shots from LMB grant Empower to allies near the target.

Pepperbox Skills:
Chamber Spin: Increase your rate of fire from LMB by 100% for 4 seconds and aim down the barrel. (Improvements slow enemies and apply bleed)
Pistol Whip: 50% wep damage + stagger. (Improvements apply weaken, grant haste)
Point Blank: Unload all bullets at once for a short range attack. (Improvements make a leg shot knock down or headshot deal additional damage to enemies under 50% health)

Final Perk: Dual Wield: Once every 60 seconds, Chamber Spin draws a duplicate pepperbox in your left hand, allowing you to fire 8 shots before reloading. During this time, you cannot use Toolbelt skills and your movement speed is slowed.

Other perks: Execute: Headshots on bleeding enemies within 15m have a 50% bonus chance to crit. Safe Reload: Reload faster while within RMB barrier. Evasive Reload: Dodge rolls restore 1 bullet to the chamber. 10s CD.

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