Heal/Life Staff Crash!

In the first skill tree “healing”, the first skill on the left at the top: “Holy Hug”?
Have now found out that when the mouse wheel moves up or down, you can select the goals.
Now that happens as soon as I have selected the ability and the mouse wheel up or down moving immediately comes a crash with the following message:

“Lumberyard Error”
(Safeptr) - Attempting to Dereferance a Null PTR

Can one tell me what to do there or what it is, that I get a crash every time?
Heal makes fun and that I can select the goals / must be essential for as a healer and the main kill in the medicinal tree.


I received the same error when playing around with Life Staff controls/keybinds.
I was in auto-target mode scrolling up and down to switch targets, got this error and crashed.

Lumberyard Error
(SafePtr) - Attempting to dereference a null ptr



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