Healty toast bug on heavy

  • What is your character name in New World: StrudeIQc
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Castle of Steel
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Healty toast perk doesn’t health for the writh value on full heavy set , Im currently at 13 124HP and when using a infused mana it heal for 890 when it suppose to heal for 1273
  • Is this a bug? YES
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Unable to heal for teh writh amount during fight
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: NO
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Even removing all my gears and requip it its still bug . I even respect my stats a less twice and it still health for the wrong amount
  • When did this happen? (Date and Relative time; please include your timezone) 22-09-2022 at 9H33PM EST