Heart of Madness Twitch Stream Review

First off, thanks AGS for investing in the marketing to showcase the upcoming new content. It’s great to see you haven’t given up by shelling some money for influencers.


  • Lots of eyes on the game again, good to see
  • Music / visuals are top notch, very compelling landscape, lots to be appreciated here
  • Some fun puzzles
  • Smaller NW streamers got some love
  • Boss mechanics were interesting, besides some re-used content on Isabella
  • Difficulty scale seemed good, the final encounter was interesting. Only concern is the end reward worth the encounter difficulty?


  • Lots of re-used monsters. We’ve been fighting these same mob types since the start of the game. Trash needs to be more dynamic and we need some more monster models.

  • Loot is still not good. Mage gear makes no sense, the loot heavily favors melee like all the other dungeons.

  • Two of the streamers lost their weapon hot bar and couldn’t get it back. Having clear bugs being showcased on stream is never good.

  • Asmongold had no clue what he was doing and it showed. He spammed light attack on his fire staff and never weapon swapped. This made for a boring combat showcase, and his chat made note of it countless times. It was clear he hadn’t touched the game in a long time and never utilized any crowd control on his ice gauntlet.

  • Shroud made a comment about “combat queueing abilities on the 2ndary weapon on a swap” (which we all know about as an issue). The dev on stream seemed to not understand the issue and said hopefully some of the combat team guys are watching.


Thanks for the constructive criticism about the stream! (I’m glad you like the aesthetics as much as I do).


Show this to your Combat team

Patch mentioned this was fixed. but its not.
SKill QUE is not needed in this game and ever since it was introduced it has RUINED the game.


I agree with the OP. Asmongold was just spamming LIGHT ATTACKS DURING ALL THE RUN and this looks like combat is boring.

Also, four of them are not playing the game and so are not up to date with current tanking, healing and dps combat and builds, so the group was ultra casual.

With this I mean: DO NOT NERF the expedition based on these streamers struggling. Please!

Shroud adds.






Skill queue is fine, they just need to fix its bugs, same as weapon swap bugs.

Elder Scrolls Online has been using skill queue for years now and it’s one of the best things in the game, allowing a much faster and dynamic combat.

Yeah Elder scrolls the one game that probably has worse pvp issues than new world LOL

Bro you should spam this video all over the forums and reddit this is gold

That’s effing brutal.

This sure looks crazy and really annoying and needs to be fixed asap.
But how come it’s never happened to me? Is it an idividual bug? Is it server based? Can you somehow provoke it to happen?

About the stream, I love the new dungeon and the blunderbuss will be fun to try.
The only streamer I’ve watched a few times before is Shroud and he’s actually a skilled gamer, no matter the game. He had some good feedback to the new content.

But this was totally the wrong streamers for this event. They don’t really play New World and they really didn’t seem to give a crap about it. But I guess it needed to be them just cuz the pr.

After the event I saw Shroud log on to is main and some random dude gave him 1000 gold. LOL the benefit of being famous!

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