Heartunes are boss abilites?

Looking at the Heartunes they are basically the abilities of expedition bosses be it a weaker versions? if so, will we potentially get 1 from every boss encounter in expeditions or open world bosses?

yea im aware of NWD and all of the heart runes and runeglasses. more of a speculative theory post. as wanting to know what others think.

New World loves to re-use existing assets, weapons and animations. Some people lament it but I consider it pretty efficient.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these came from existing animations. The new Halloween boss has the same rig as Isabella from the end of Tempest Heart.

i thought that brimestone sands mobs were all new assests ?

Some new skins but not new rigs and not all new skins.

Rigs == animations and Skelton.

Most of the mobs are a mix of old and new animations and attack