Heavy Armor and Dodging+movement

Is it just me or does it not make sense that a heavy armor user hits harder with melee than a melee wearing light/medium? Heavy Armor should have a damage debuff. Maybe it’s my gear or whatever I’m not sure im currently 580 gearscore and every person I fight with Heavy armor in OPR is hitting me 1800ish in medium armor whereas I hit them 900-1100? It makes little to no sense. Im sacrificing survivability for damage yet I only hit harder on people not Opting to wearing heavy armor? I feel like either damage boost needs to be increased of medium/light or Heavy needs to do Less damage.

I just recently swapped back to a melee build to test out Blunderbuss and I will say it is the most tedious thing in the world. The combat just feels like you need to be running 600 FPS to land a decent combo off. Blunderbuss hipfire needs to be buffed or the ADS needs to stop slowing movement speed. I’m open for suggestions or whatever but 9/10 times im not able to land a combo unless i can surprise enemies, it just feels like poor gameplay. Great axe went from feeling OP and broken to never being able to land anything unless theyre mindless bots swinging around. Whereas ranged players sit back do insane damage because theyre out of players field of view, then by the time you reach them they roll every single one of your attacks. I literally had a 1v1 earlier and it was a joke how we couldn’t kill each other due to just dodging the long drawn out animations in the game. I almost think this game would feel better with Dodge on CD and forcing people to actually Right click to block things the combat felt MUCH better when everybody was bad at the game but now that everybody has a good idea of how to play it just feelsbad, 1v1s last far too long OPR / War is usually you just dying instantly due to being hit by 12 things at once. Hopefully 3v3s feel better but even using Lifestaff feels so bad throwing a small circle on the ground “Okay everybody stand in it” Please just give Lifestaff HOT effects, single target, and multitarget healing abilities. Sacred ground is an extremely boring spell.

Now that the game is evolving I really think the actual combat itself needs to be looked at, if youre using a weapon that has long CDs the last thing you want is it to get dodged EVERY single time its up it just makes the already stale playstyle even more stale when you have to literally sneak around with a massive axe or Hammer, or gun or whatever weapon just to land your combo I can only imagine what 3v3s is gonna feel like lol… Endless fights from dodge rolling until somebody lands one CC then you get CC chained until instant death.

I want to know everybodies thoughts though, I’m even open for suggestions.

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