Heavy Armor and Great Axe OP

I am playing spear and musket in light armor. At around lvl 40 i noticed a huge incoming dmg increase. I was no longer able to do some easy quests since the high respawn timer and the huge dmg income from foe is so huge. I switched to heavy armor, great axe and strength build and startet laughing. This must be a joke. I can run portals solo (except the big ones) and can pull as much foes as i want. They do no dmg and the selfheal of great axe is insane. Why whould any player not play like this? Does not make any sense for me right now to switch back to my loves spear. I will miss him :frowning:

Dude spear CC is amazing though! If I can get a person I am pvping in a full combo they are knocked down almost entirely and can’t do anything to me lol

Just wait until you discover the life staff, heavy armor, and hatchet with a focus gem combo. You’ll feel just like that, but with even more intensity. Just remember that you’ll invest in focus in this case.

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