Heavy Armor Change Suggestion

Heavy armor is now used as a DPS spec and a tank spec. Which historically doesn’t make sense. There should be choices you make with your gear, each choice should be advantageous and disadvantageous My change would be to suggest

While wearing heavy armor you receive -30% player damage reduction
-While wearing heavy armor you deal 30% less damage to players
-While wearing heavy armor you heal 30% less than players.

I know there was a recent change to healing, and honestly, it is the right step. There should no reason for anyone in tank gear to be hitting hard. If you want to hit hard or heal like crazy you should be forced to go either medium or light. Now the shit part about this change is so many people are already so invested in their gear getting heavy/str bis sets, This is where AGS has made a big mistake… In my opinion, this armor change armor is fundamental to making the system work well and feel proper. As I noted before I don’t think players should be punished because ags made a late change on armor. This would most likely cause all affected players to feel like ags have disregarded all their progress and would prob force them to quit. But the system is broken…

Lets talk about it



“Nerf the hell out of heavy armor.”

Got it. Your post is seriously lacking in the “this will be good because…” department.

Why, what specifically about heavy armor should naturally prevent someone from hitting hard?


I do think Heavy armor should be more oriented for Taking damage than it is rn.


it is literally already like this, you do 20% less damage than light and 10% less damage than medium


Because max mitigation/high hit point players should not put out the same relative damage as someone who has practically no mitigation? Its one of the biggest balance issues in NW in my opinion.

Yes I know its a 20% difference in damage between heavy and light damage but here is an example with some easy numbers…

Lets say you hit for 2000 in heavy armor. Lets say the player you are hitting has 10000 hit points. It would take 5 swings to kill that player (im leaving heals, outside mitigation, and stuff out to make this simple.). Light armor with a 20% increase in damage will hit for 2400 damage. It would still take 5 swings to kill that player. Its not even a true 20% increase in damage but I did that to make it simple. It does not make sense for essentially a tank to take the same amount of swings.

If a light armor player and heavy armor player with the same perks otherwise and the same weapon and build were to trade blows the heavy armor player would win easily because the damage difference doesnt make up for the mitigation difference.

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thank you. Perfect example

Heavy does too much damage. they should be tanky not dps

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Same reason as a heavy healer is getting nerfed, and everyone applauded.

i will say this and keep it in mind when in a few months this game will be officialy dead. There is no way and i mean NO WAY to balance a game where people can wear what ever they like hold what ever weapon they like and there are no classes. There willbe NEVER balance in this game only one overpowered build per month. GG

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I don’t mind the changes, I’d even like to see a bigger mitigation/damage nerf change, like 40%, but that’s just me. On a side note, can it also extend the Taunt duration of Carnelian by 30-50% as well?

That is frankly unsurprising and makes perfect sense. If someone wearing an enchanted bathrobe stands and trades hits with someone wearing plate armor that’s exactly the result I would expect.

Tell you what though - after heavy damage gets nerfed into uselessness how about we let them roll away at warp speed from everyone too?

This is absurd. Heavy is already dodge, stam, and damage disadvantaged and people just want to widen the gap?

Hardly. Heavy healing got nerfed due to the combination of mitigation and self-heals frustrating a lot of people in OPR and wars.


Heavy armor is big pvp problem, you can kill 3 ppl with heavy hamer ga, but you cant kill 3 ppl with light hamer ga, and just becose you still do ctazy dmg with heavy and you have crazy dmg resist , so yes heavy armor supose to do 50% less dmg and have 50% more resist for dmg,

Devs really need to look at Heavy Armor damage output vs mitigation in PvP.

We’ve been talking about this stuff since October.



As in half

As in nerf damage output for everyone, regardless of weapon used, by 50% in a heavy build.

And you’re serious.

I’m really glad this isn’t happening because you don’t want balance, you want medium and light to be the only armor ever used in PvP.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

It isn’t happening…

Yet. :smiling_imp:

Honestly I dont get it why they just changed the healing part. They should have rebalanced the armors all together. Medium shouldn’t have any extra dmg increase and heavy should have a dmg decrease. None of these two deserve the extra dmg while the lights can get oneshotted for that 15% extra dmg by those.

How does it even make sense to you for a heavy armor wearer to put out practically the same dps as a light armor wearer but have a ton more mit? That makes zero sense in any kind of balance whatsoever. Its the same reason heavy heal got nerfed. You dont give one class the DPS of a DPS AND give them the mit of a tank.

they don’t you do nearly the same dps naked with 150 attributes as full heavy with 300

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Im not following? Thats basically what I just said… heavy armor should give more mitigation at the cost of dps. Light armor should give more dps at the cost of mitigation. Thats how balance works.

people complaining just to complain at this point. Complaining about heavy heals, complaining about people who wear heavy armor, literally 2 of the of the most uncommon classes in the game.

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