Heavy Armor Change Suggestion

I kinda like this idea. Heavy should be CC hard to kill class.

I love how you don’t even mention about mobility and iframes. Just make 2 equip loads hit each other hahaha. You know when you’re heavy even slows are enough cc to catch you right? While light armors can dodge away with their much longer dodge distance.

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they must put more cc and defensive bonuses in the const tree rather than the armor.
300 const bonus on cc should be larger and it should ALSO reduce CC effects and debuffs duration (tanks must be tanky).
250 bonus should give dmg mitigation more often than currently.

The armor is ok, heavy should do less dmg and less heal, as it is.

We need defance types, like mobs. Instead of having physical and magical defance we need strike thrust etc. We got the gems why not implement them to armour types. Heavy is good against slash but bad at strike and thrust and ok against magic. Medium is good against trust bad to slash and medicore against strike and magic. Light is good against strike and magic but bad against thrust and slash. You can mismatch armor parts and total amount of encumbrances effects your dodge type. Open to suggestions.

Cool, it already does. Heavy also has essentially 0 dodge distance and fewer dodges. So, we’re done here?

It appears you’re lobbying for changes about something you simply don’t understand. Heavy gets no damage bonus, light gets a 20% damage bonus. Light does 20% more damage than heavy.

Show me this please. As heavy armor player you can’t even catch a light player or keep in touch, when he decides to run away.


You know that the iframe amount is the same in all dodges right? You know that medium actually gets the most dodge right? You also know that melee been having a fit because they cant LMB click chase and beat some light armor players so the devs are trying to nerf mobility now too right? You also know that great axe has probably the best all around mobility right?


It appears you are the one who dont know it. Light not giving 20% extra damage it is around 15% or 14% as everything the stats written there and the one you actually receive is two different number. And yes heavy aren’t getting extra damage but for the amount of survivability it gets it should also receive a damage nerf like in any other game, tanks are tanks not damage dealers.

There should be a tradeoff for the insane mitigation heavy provides.

It’s the same argument for the healing nerf. Why should you be able to profit from the mitigation of heqvy armor and do damage like a DPS?

There needs to be a tradeoff.

More mitigation = less dmg. That would actually be fair.

They could also nerf the damage mitigation of heavy armor and bring all equip loads more in line. Bake the lost mitigation into constitution so PvE tanks don’t get nerfed.

There already is; a 20% damage add, more dodges, and long distance dodge rolls. I know you want more but let’s not pretend there’s no tradeoff already.


The damage mitigation feels negligible compared to the incoming damage as is anyways.

maybe, but a light armored player can retreat, heal, and attack again or use their great dodge to move better to land more hits. heavy armored player on the other hand literally walks with a coffin on them. a light armored player can get away from 3 other people at times, even if they were in the middle of them. heavy armor? they would be dead…

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many of us play this game because its not like classic mmorpgs. in most mmos, you cant even be a melee dps, but in new world, you can. light armor is without a doubt, the meta for pvp. as a person who considers himself as an average pvp player, ever since i changed from heavy to light, my stats have increased much more than i anticipated. so let heavy armored people do damage too for God’s sake, let people have some fun with it. Smh

Fair enough thats true.

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I am going to politely disagree. Heavy already does less damage, it has a worse dodge and to top it all of is expensive to craft.

I think the change for heavy would be to reverse the crowd control buff to make heavy armor resist 30% crowd controll.

The resistance and damage for heavy armour are fine the problem is heavy armour with its slow and clunky dodge get danced around by every ither armour class.

I think of it like this you are wearing heavy so you will do a little less damage sure, you will be a little slower, but you shouldn’t move like a biggest loser contestant with marshmellow hands. Heavy armour should feel like a juggernaught.



I see you guys don’t like trade offs.
You are all okay with the light people doing 20% more damage (in theory, in reality is way less), but getting up to around 50% on damage reduction (with a decent setup), and you call it even when Heavy has no damage bonus, but the damage mitigation gaps is abyssal.

That being quick math, someone can crunch better numbers, I put them on my calculator and it makes a happy face.

Grit + CC up the wazoo, and chase mechanics. People say oh well heavy armor does 20% less damage. That is about a couple hundred damage difference. Its peanuts. They also wipe out a a whole team while. So I am sorry that I don’t believe a little dodge roll and a couple hundred damage is enough. After patch dodge roll will not be so good because the meta will change to all slows. Heavy come in, slow light armor, LMB two times, light armor dead. Meanwhile light armor taking 5 to 6 shots at heavy. Heavy potions, light armor take another few shots.

Thats not balanced man. Not even close.

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20% is like a couple hundred damage. Its nothing. 1 more dodge. long distance rolls wont happen when the meta switches to take all slows. You also have chase mechanics, and CC up the wazoo, and full time grit. Its not even close to balanced. I honestly couldn’t care less if they ever change it but its still nowhere near balanced.

i completely disagree with you. i play with GA/Hatchet and Spear/Hatchet. i tried light , medium , heavy. EVEN in wars, light was BETTER. i used to think i sucked when i was playing as heavy, then i saw what light armor was capable of. my stats have increased exponantially. so forgive me but i dont agree one bit. Heavy wiping a team? well, against a good group of people, sorry but i cant see that happening. but you know what? ive done it with light armor.

oh and another note: hatchet was useless when i was in heavy armor. but when i get that dodge roll? i could roll all around and find easy spots to hit(which is already hard with hatchet’s awful hitbox) and actually kill people with it.

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K take your light army to war and see how your point standing goes against the heavies and mediums.