Heavy armor is useless now

I would love to see a dev or community manager to acknowledge they broke heavy armor and tanking to make it useless in the game now. Fix my heavy armor back to its glory meant for tanks. Quit making the game revolve around dps/ranged players.

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Is there something new I am unaware of?

He is trolling. There is quite a lot of testing and data about damage migitation light vs medium vs heavy with and without 200con bonus + perks such as resilient and buffs such as fortification.
There is quite big difference between all of em.

down know but my 250 Con heavy tank(y) VG-Sword , feels fine in both pvE and pvP

Ok. I haven’t noticed any difference in my heavy armor so I thought I was missing something.

There is a big difference, 264 con. As well prime tank. Used heavy armor since day 1. More noticeable in pvp than pve but both have taken severe hits. If it wasn’t so bad why everyone using meta light and med. The few that say there is no problem must not play all content.

Are you even using 600gs? Higher gs has bigger impact now. You cant run 520gs faction gears.

Light/medium is meta because ranged weapons are super strong now. Some stuff on them are bugged

Hehe heavy armor is still very strong.

Yup gs 600, dropped the 520 forever ago. Onyx and diamond gems too. Though 1v1 is annoying now days it used to be fun before the updates. OPR is pointless as a tank currently so I’ll wait till I have my dps set. Expeditions are still easy but can still tell the difference on damage, not that I die.

If you feel useless on pvp side in opr. You can always go pve route and aoe grind mobs quickly for brutes and capture behind enemy lines. Escape as needed or stall time. Its easy to get 500-2000points even as tank.

I also think that medium Armor is the way to go right now. On medium armor you receive ~ 10% more damage, but also you have more incoming heal, a better dodge & 10% more damage.

but in comparison to a lower armor character, their survivability in PvP is better since they have better dodging.

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