Heavy armor with constitution and strenght rare?

So I get every other armor type light and leather with str and constitution, but never heavy and its sooo frustrating. Am I missing something? I mean heavy armor with strenght alone never drops either. From chests, from mobs and so on. Even on the market I can’t really seem to find one.

Factions sell heavy armor with both stats. That’s what I use for my tank build. They have gem slots too.

Not that it’s rare, just most saught after, so usually sells fast. Just like dex con medium.

I know your pain brother. But yes as GingaNinja mentioned faction vendor is the best way to get gear with the stats you want, especially as you get higher level and the AH doesn’t have what you need.

I blame the great axe. You don’t even need to go that far in STR for it to be OP so many go with a CON build all heavy armor for epic survivability while still doing great dps. Add sword and board, hatchet, or Hammer with it and you got a good chuck of the current players build.

dances in crafter

I’m the weirdo running Dex/Con heavy. Easiest way to get it is faction merchants or craft it.

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