Heavy Armour (Improvements)

I’ve been rocking heavy armour since day 1, I’ve tried medium & light armour.

I feel like medium armour right now is in a good place, light armour is a little overpowered with the amount of light rolls/escapes when combined with things like rapier, hatchet, ice gauntlet. Meanwhile, heavy armour feels like you are trying to drive a Ferrari with the handbrake on.

In the current “burst” meta (fast TTK) when wearing heavy armour and you get caught out 100 con Vs 150 con can feel pretty much the same thing and sometimes even 200 con wont save you, as much as fortifications and movement. Shirking fortification type buffs have in my opinion blurred the line between armour types.

With this in mind I’m wondering what the solution here is (open to suggestions / ideas).

Myself, personally I would like to see shirking fortification be toned down a bit and for heavy armour to be given the same dodge as medium armour. In order to compensate medium armour would then be given a strong stamina regen buff which helps keep its mobility advantage


Shirking Fortification was one of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen so far. It shows that the devs never cared about the outcry from Tank players, and they just decided to further power creep Light/Medium users with a disgustingly high buff for a long duration, as nearly as long as Defiant Stance itself without any investment besides a perk on clothes. It’s max is 19.5% fortify for 6 seconds, and with Fortified, can last nearly 7 seconds with 6.84. Not only that, but they also give them cleansing on dodge, but if you decide to go Tank, they just tell you ‘screw you, deal with it’.

And now they’ve opened up Pandora’s box, they can’t revert any of this without upsetting people, the only way they can even remotely get close to fixing this dilemma is by nerfing it heavily to only 2 second duration and putting a fat cooldown on it and just deal with the outcry afterwards.

in fact, I’d argue the dodge system of breaking out of a swing is one of the bigger implementations that ruined tanks, because people can just cancel a swing to ignore a shockwave instead of being on the defensive. It’s a bad patch overall.


which every heavy can use aswell.
not sure if u know… light needs 50 stamina

Yes, but the difference being that Light also has access to the shirking energy that with much easier management and a hearty ring, can allow them to access to three, and even four rolls if they wait just a bit for regen to play out, so combined with the distance and i-frames, as well as the better setup from skills to achieve 50% fortify. I wouldn’t be upset with it if they actually made it scale based on Con, so then it would actually be worth it to use it and stick into a fight. As it stands now though, it’s just a survival trait for Light, and even more so for Medium armor. I’d argue the Healing Shirk is better tanks.

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