Heavy Metal Mega Pack did not award the Tool Set Bundle or Spiked Sojourn Camp

So it took you 2 weeks to add the mega pack bundle to the store. I bought it as I was planning to do. Yet things that were advertised to be in it on your own website were not included in the purchase. I’m talking about the Heavy metal Tool Set Bundle and Heavy Metal Spiked Sojourn Camp skin. I received neither of those but as you can see in the attached picture on your own website they sure were supposed to be weren’t they.

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Bumping again as i have gotten no answer from support, the bugs forums, or this thread. I’d love to do a chargeback on it since I paid for items I did not receive but I’d prefer to get the items I PAID for. I received SOME of what I paid for but not everything listed on your own website as seen int he picture above…that is still on your website. This is a classic bait and switch.

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