Held Below The Surface - Terrible Quest NPC placement

The NPC needed to kill for this quest Inquisitor Matthias is located in Shields Hallow, a zone bordering right on Ebonscale, an area about 30 levels higher than the current area. So what ends up happening is, as you’re trying to fight a level 34 NPC , as early as your late 20s, you’re skull level wolves that lunge at you as they spawn close enough to aggro you as you fight him. Just terrible placement and not really well thought out at all.

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I’m level 43 and the wolf with the skull is still there killing me. This has to be a bug

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I just completed the quest. the mob doesnt spawn near the wolves. sat there for maybe 10 minutes before it spawned

That is incorrect, the wolves have spawned on all sides of the area, every time I approach one materializes and kills me. Fact of the matter is that they are far too close to this area that is for lower level mobs/quests and should be moved back from there.

I did the quest yesterday and had to deal with the Wolf first. It was just roaming around exactly where the NPC spawns - whether it had been bought there by another player before being killed I don’t know.

At any rate I struggled to kill it at level 35 and was one hit away from being killed by it myself. The wolf was more of a challenge than the Matthias.

This dude is just not spawning for me, what gives?

I failed yesterday but the wolf was far enough away to keep him out of it. I’ll go back today and try again but they’ve been good fights with lots of trying not to aggro a ghost or witch.

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