Held hostage over Christmas

please I joined as a green now I cant war anyone, dev’s please please please release the faction transfer before Christmas. no one is taking me in wars cause I wasn’t in any wars before so they don’t know if I’m good or not and now me and my whole company cant declare or be in war.

or I’m gonna be held Hostage over Christmas break.


Please devs we called this early! Help us and let us balance the server out!

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same thing happen to me guys i can’t believe it i really need to change factions green is just dominating

Love how bezos can buy trips to space, but can’t hire competent devs


Really think the Devs should of looked into servers before making others merge into them like this one for instance. Green cant push for wars on the new server due to the whole map being green

When the Devs take the saying ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ too literally…


you ruined my dreams of doing wars with this server transfer. im a sad man. you took my happiness and my christmas.

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help pls need war, might die without the adrenaline rush it gives me

get your company and switch factions… no way in hell i would stay green

we can’t, half the company’s transfers are on cooldown, and the promised faction transfer resets are coming “a bit later”

yeah that blows, guess you gotta wait it out, rly no choice. Rly purple and yellow (no clue how many they have) need to work together. Throw multiple territories into war back to back.

They really should remove the cooldown for transferring away from the strongest faction…

I switched from Marauders to Syndicate when Marauders owned 7 territories and syndicate owned 0. Syndicates now own 6 territories, whereas Covenant own 1 territory. But I am not allowed to switch to Covenant because I still have ~90 days of cooldown.

I don’t know if this would be any good or not but rework the whole system and make territory control company based only.

Add company perks and a ranking system where the more wars you win, more territory your company owns, the more achievements and rewards you get with server rankings.

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Three faction games rarely work out. I know someone will post one where it did though. That fact is it’s just bad game design.


Just the granddaddy of all 3-faction games, DAoC, the one that started it all and is still far and away the most famous of them. But hey, it’s just that one…right?

3-faction PvP/RvR/FvF should be inherently self-balancing…that is if players actually want to fight and if there is a limiter of % of players in any given faction on any given server.


Worked for ESO…

Hey look the maps is all green for the holidays!


Please don’t make me talk to my family over Christmas Amazon

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