Hellheim server just skipped ahead by roughly 20 days

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  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Hellheim (EU)
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Hellheim server just skipped ahead roughly 20 days
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Saena too lol

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Server went down and seems at least some stuff got reverted back, but unsure how much.
The cooldown to faction swap after server got decreased by 20 days roughly when server skipped ahead. But after the server crashed/rebooted the cooldown for faction swap got reverted to what it was originally. Unsure whether town upgrades got fixed also.


Massive downgrades for many cities!

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please fix

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Houses also bugged, pls Fix!


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We have sieges on new years! NICE!

Please don’t touch anything AGS, you might just introduce 10 new bugs KEKW


Day by day the same

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@Hunden Same as Saena

Hoping the devs have already noticed this, but the war times being Thursday Jan 1st would coincide with 1970, a.k.a unix epoch.

I’m guessing theres a correlation there, although why it happened today at 18:00 GMT is still unknown. Then theres the previous instances of this happening which just makes it stranger.

it didn’t for me and a friend of mine relogged and his houses and wars/invasions are back normal apart from the date, so not sure if it’s broken or what

I’m on hellheim too but I haven’t seen a difference. What changed?

This has just been a horrible beta since launch. Servers just need a full reset to start over once they find that perfect patch one day that has no dupes and massive bugs.

1 Jan in 2022 is a saturday. what year did they jumo us into?

Nice, after the quick server restart it looks like wars are going to happen on old schedule etc.

Erm, Jan 1 2022 is NOT on a Thursday. Its on a Saturday.

Days? How many YEARS did this skip?


This just happened in Urdarbrunn (EU) too. I hope you can fix/rollback before it stays permanent @Tosch

1st Jan 1970 is a Thursday. The significance of this date is that it is the Unix epoch. Basically all Unix/Linux systems use this date as year zero to then calculate all other timestamps.

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