Hello ags, just passing by to let you know that there are still players waiting

Dont worry, i have big expectations from new world on the future, so hopefully you also have a lot in mind and never give up on the game that once brought me so many good moments.

I’ll keep waiting, keep working good on this game!


Hopefully AGS can provide enough to bring a wide group of people back. I’m sure there’s tens of thousands of inactive accounts just waiting to see how AGS pushes. They’re doing better after the CEO left, so let’s hope whoever comes in keeps up the good momentum.

I sadly doubt it. A lot of the changes that come now are good but they just come way too late. AGS just doesn’t seem to work with the pace it would require to save a game in this genre.

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Yeah as long as no other good mmo comes out im waiting.

I’m waiting for them to realize that PVP is the only thing worthwhile in this game. Should have stuck to the plan, instead we have a half-assed “themepark”. Id rather play black desert if its just gonna be a gathering grind fest.

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I disagree 100%. Never have I played a game that actually made me want to do the crafting. It isnt for everyone. I dont care if you dont like it too.

Not everyone plays this game the same way.


PVP is fun in this game, but so is crafting, exploring and other things.

That’s the beauty, they don’t have to cater to just one aspect of the game :slight_smile:

Seriously. If they give me a hippo mount that allows me to roam from town to town selling wares, I will be very excited to craft again lol

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Well, you are in the minority, hence the majority of the games populations being gone. I didn’t say you had to participate in PVP. Imagine if your crafted items actually mattered. Other players buying your wares for war efforts, shifting market values based on the open-world conflicts. The game is utter garbage without PVP, it wasn’t designed to be a crafting game. But apparently if I want to have pvp, its forcing it on you. Have fun crafting alone.

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You act like I dont pvp too.

Catering to one type of player is not the way to support a game.

Did I say cater to 1 player group? Facts are facts, this game will be dead within another year or 2 at this rate. There are 11k players worldwide, spread across servers. Really good job catering to PVP and PVE huh?

There are other games that do those things much better.

It also was not designed to be a purely PVP game either, you clown.

These things all have to work together for the game to work. Without the crafting, the gear wouldn’t exist. If the crafters leave, who will roll for people to spend gold cap on?

Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an affect on the parts of the game you do like.

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Perhaps, but we’re talking about this game :slight_smile:
I enjoy all aspects of New World. Granted I’m more PVP focused, but there is definitely room for PVE content to be added and perfected and not just focus on PVP all the time.

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You say that, but the only part of that formula that doesn’t exist is the hippo, and having a hippo won’t magically make the rest of it more engaging. You’re fantasizing about roleplaying something that you can already roleplay.

In fact, if it was intended to be a full PvP game, the problem is that they changed it over time and greatly.

I started playing Maramma from scratch, and there is nothing better than fighting with others while leveling up in the open world.

No. It was a pvp game that had pve elements. They turned into into an MMO instead of a Rust like game (drawing a blank on the gane term).

PvP in THIS GAME requires PvE to some degree.

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I hope they never listen to that advice. This game is best suited for pvx’rs. I enjoy every aspect of the game. I understand if you are a only pvp’r or to a lesser degree an only pve’r. That you could run out of things to do. But as someone who enjoys this entire game, there is so much worthwild.


One thing does not take away the other, please do not be so limited, that a game has a PvP focus does not mean that it does not have PvE, but the game is essentially PvP.

Expeditions are a large portion of the game, PvE.
Crafting is all PvE, most BiS, if not all, armor is crafted armor.
The PvP track has mostly PvE elements.
The trade skills, all PvE. No trade skills, no trophies.

All of this isnt just some side thought. These things change how PvP plays.

Please, dont be so narrow focused. This game is nothing without the other side of the coin and if you really want to kill the game, alienate the PvE players enough and you will really see the strain on the PvP experience.