Hello everyone i am from asia taiwan

我熱愛這遊戲 但我的英文不是很好
他們真的很希望 這款遊戲 有中文介面
不能因為 政治因素 打壓台灣玩家熱愛這款遊戲
國際視野 認為 台灣不是中國共產黨的
拜託不要因為一鍋好湯有老鼠屎 就忽略我們台灣玩家的聲音
我們雖然也講中文 但我們 熱愛遊戲 從不對遊戲做出任何據有破壞的行為拜託開發者聽到我們聲音
I love this game but my English is not very good
There are many players in my country who love this game
They really want this game to have a Chinese interface
We cannot suppress Taiwanese players from loving this game because of political factors
International perspective believes that Taiwan is not part of the Chinese Communist Party
Please don’t ignore the voice of our Taiwanese players just because a good pot of soup has rat feces
Although we also speak Chinese, we love the game and never do any damage to the game, please let the developers hear our voice


Hello @q9au86!

Thank you for posting your thoughts in our forums!

Thank you for your effort on writing in English in here, we really appreciate it! Your feedback is amazing, I will be moving your post to the Feedback section to give more visibility on it!

Hope you do great!

See you in Aeternum!

Wrong Game? :smiley: I think you mean Aeternum… :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: :rofl: arkesia

Had me in the first half :sob:

Hi adventurers!

Sorry about that hahaha, I think I’m too used to the Lost Ark Forum.

Thank you for letting me know, have a great day!


The game is so good, it needs more languages! Please launch Asia asap!

thx you qaq

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