Hello, for the 300th time, tone down the winter boss HP

Literally un-killable on my server now. 8 of us fighting him for 15 mins already and this is his HP. it would take over an hour to kill the boss once now, can you fucking do something about it already? We’ve been complaining about this for a week now, WE CANNOT KILL THE FUCKING BOSS. HELLO. DEVS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. WAKE UP PLEASE.


AGS needs a Raid boss that scales with the number of people doing the content. The event should be doable for people who want to do the content (not a fixed number). Likewise, the rewards should scale also by the number of people doing the encounter. A massive group should be up against a massive raid boss that gives massive rewards whereas a small group should be up against a small boss that gives small rewards.

On my server, people have stopped trying to do the Winter Warrior encounter; small groups have no chance, so everyone has given up on it.


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