Hello: My guild disapered and now I can't create new one

Hello: I continue this from reddit, I was not able to get any support. They told me to try here so I am here. I am also on the phone with Amazon support but they are of little help so far and also I am in que for live-chat but the que is over 60minutes even now after waiting so long. So hopefully I can find some help for my problem before then.

Hi: On 10/1/2021 I create a guild, we had many members, The name was Pure Bloods, I was the great leader. Today I log in and my guild is disbanded and I can’t create a new one. I try many names but it always give me back the same message. In picture. I even try LBGQT Pride to support my brothers during pride month but I cannot even do that.

In game I only have option to submit feedback, I do not see contact email or phone number for support. So can you please help me here so i can re-create my guild?

I am already on the phone with Amazon support but they dont know what’s going on and can’t really help so far. Please help

Also I should mention my game is from steam so maybe that could be the problem?

Support can reach me at:

In game @ Kylerittenhouss @ whatever server is in second pic





issue still unresolved

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