Hellspli̇tter - how valuable is this weapon?

How valuable is this weapon? I’m thinking of selling it but couldn’t find a value.

its worth as much as 1 is willing to pay for it…

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Probably not much. Typing in caps devalues things. Bad stats. Plus, that’s a funny looking greataxe.

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Not a great axe or musket.

Worth 350



well he is right… writing in caps is just aids.
also the stats are garbage


no crit chance, no crit dmg.

since it has luck, i’d say u can easily get 1-2k out of it. otherwise stats are pretty bad for a spear.

It’s not a bad spear at all but it isn’t bis either. On an empty server like ours these go for about 3k.

It’s good for solo pve, getting chests and running around the map 'cause it has luck perk and lowering cds on kill. As people said, maybe 2k-3k in some servers.

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