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Hi, I have been playing the game since around October and just hit level 56, I tend to just hop on for an hour or so and do a few quests and gathering etc. I enjoy the nice and chilled vibe of the game. I am on a relatively quiet server Caer Sidi. Did my first invasion last night and oh my I have been missing out, very fun indeed!

My knowledge of the game is lacking so I have a few questions about the game. Hopefully, someone could answer these.

  1. If I do a server transfer, do I keep all my items and levels? Does this also include the faction?
  2. Does each faction have a unique boost? Why would one faction be better than another?
  3. What is the best item to farm to increase your skills? Would chopping mature tree give more exp then a young tree if I did say 10 mins for each?
  4. Can you pin crafting recipes to your quest tab? This would make it easy to know what items I have left to gather rather than checking at the crafting table.
  5. Is there a max level on territory standing? What boosts are recommended? I tend to choose the storage and gathering speed
  6. Can you infuse the gs of current items? I have a hatchet that’s 450 that I like, could I increase the gs of this to say 500+? (Idea from Destiny2)
  7. Can I group items for a specific build rather than manually equipping each item?
  8. Is housing just a cosmetic thing? I heard about trophies but are they just to show off?
  9. How do you level up the tent?
  10. What items should I get from the TP or items to watch out for? I have about 40k
  11. Once level 60 are side quests worth it? I tend to salvage most rewards now as they are low gs. I did my first Depths Expedition as it was part of the main quest last night and I salvaged everything but 1 blunderbuss (I really am enjoying the BB in PvE)

Any other general tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Yes and yes. You just have to cancel any transactions you have in your trading post to transfer. Your storage, house and everything transfers over.

  2. This used to be the case, now it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the taxes and owning a territory to make gold.

  3. There are some great guides on YouTube out there for lvlin up ur skills. I recommend sorting by XP when you go to a station, that helps out. Also try to upgrade your tools and get bags as soon as you can

  4. No just gotta memorize lol

  5. I’m not sure but I’d get reduced trading tax, crafting fee and more storage. Cheaper housing not really needed anymore.

  6. No sadly. You can only upgrade GS for the items you get 590+. Once you hit LVL 60, I’d buy some cheap 590+ items for your build and move on from there for progression. You will need to LVL up ur expertise from 500 to 600 first though.

  7. No but I recommend storing them separately that way it’s easier to find. You can have all of them on you and they might be hard to find but it’s useful to use search bar for named items in the inventory tab to find them easily.

  8. Trophies give you buffs to PvE monsters, luck, crafting and trading. I recommend buying 3 houses ASAP, even if you buy the smallest 1s because those buffs are important. I recommend you buy a big house the first time because you get a discount and afterwards switch to the company that owns the territory for a discount (join company buy house and leave). You should be able to get minimum basic trophies for pretty cheap and those help a lot (PvE)

  9. I believe you have to do a quest line for it.

  10. Buy 3 houses, look to get basic PvE trophies, buy some cheap starter armor once you hit 60. No more than spending 2k per piece. Try to find gear with weapon specific perks, refreshing, resilent, freedom, refreshing evasion. These are some of the decent perks out there. Maybe even use the money to make money?

  11. Waste of time. You can get better gear from the trading post in less than a second with better gear score a d save a sht ton of time instead of doing quest chains. I recommend you start doing genesis, Lazarus, tempest, elite runs in sm and opr to start getting gysum orbs to lvl up ur expertise asap. This will help you reach endgame quicker.

  • you can lvl up trade skills to 200 if you want. It’s very expensive to get skills to 200. Probably better to have others craft tiy weapons and armor later on.

  • lvl up your refining to 200 asap, will help you get money with daily cooldowns

  • learn about monster weaknesses and such in the games. Certain monsters are weak and strong to certain weapons. Use this for ur advantage when taking on PvE content, same with trophies.

  • some bis items are dropped in dungeons, don’t waste your time trying to craft and waste money
    So research.

  • find and make friends who you can do mutations with, helps with consistency and make it easier.

  • opr/wars/invasions/dungeons are good way to make gold and have fun

  • GL HF!

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Thank you for your detailed reply :smiley:

I will be aiming to do more group PvE content in the future. All my friends did stop playing so I sure do need to find a few more.

I did an invasion last night and thought it was ace! Looking forward to doing more of them even if the enemies clap me haha

Not done any PvP yet but will check it out once I begin to create a build as atm I am just trying a few different things and using whatever has the highest GS. I’m defiantly wanting to dive deeper into what New World has to offer. It’s my first true MMO. I mainly play Destiny which is a FPS Looter Shooter

You can Pin at least one crafting reciep.

There are some Side Quests which offer either a Dungeon Orb or a Gypsum Orb, consider to do them.

There are also fairly lenghtly Side Quests which will Award you with GS580 Epic Weapons which will ignore your actual expertise and wont be scaled down.

Max Territory Standing Level is 300. Valid choices would be: storage, everything resembling houses if you’re into it, gathering speed, tax reduction, faction tokens and standing gain.

Houses offering one Thing not mentioned yet, they could be used as an “in the fields” teleport like the Inn teleport on a cooldown which could be even resetted by spending some Azoth.

To Level Up your tent you need to do a specific sidequest.

One Thing i would always recommend is to find an active company, as much of the post 60 content is about group gameplay.

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Great point to bring up. I didn’t realise some Side Quests could offer orbs. The GS580 will certainty get me going :slight_smile:

That’s plenty of levels to grind out across the map. I have not seen a way to reset them. Is this possible?

Yeah I sure do need to find some active players and team up :slight_smile:

Right now its not possible to reset Territory points, but its been openly discussed and acknowledged by the Community and AGS.

I think of them as long term goal, as those Boni are more of a nice to have and as you level them, they decrease in effect.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

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