Help for a healer build

So, I decided to reroll into a healer. I’m only level 28 so it’s nothing to major, just a bit of deadmans cove and my mastery is up and running.

However, what would be a good secondary weapon? Before we start off, I reckon light armour is the way to go now, since heavy has reduced healing output by 20%. I’ve got two ideas off the top of my head, but hit me with yours.

Firstly, a spear. The spear has 2 knockdowns, which keeps mobs/enemies away from you, giving your team time to whale on whatever is coming for you and letting you run out. Spear also has Rend, and occasionally applies a slow.

Secondly, the hatchet. The hatchet being the only weapon with Disease, probably must count for something, atleast in PvP. It also has Slow (also mostly a PvP thing) and Rend.

Also I guess honourable mention to rapier for having fleche and evade mobility.

Which one would be the “best” pick?

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Ice Gauntlet for Ice Block that restores mana has been my go to. Adds some slow for kiting, and an “oh crap” button if you get mobbed. The mana regen helps immensely too. Granted, I am low level and this may not be optimal but its what’s working for me right now.

Running out of mana and cooldowns are your worst enemies as a healer in NW.

Cooldowns can be dealt with by the right skills and strategy in the life staff as well as mods on the weapons itself. This will become more relevant in mid and high levels.

Mana can be gained by the “gain mana while blocking with your life staff” skill in the right skill tree but as Traithan said, Ice Gauntlet as well as Fire Staff (if skilled for max mana regen) can be very helpful with this issue.

I hope this helps.

I have personally found that a hammer/life staff/medium build works really well for solo and pvp///just sayin!!!

I can handle my own against higher lvl mobs fairly well, and yes mobs not just pickin one off

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