Help needed! Anyone have the same issue?

Hey. First Post here :grinning:

So, I’m aware there’s been some transfers. And tokens given. I’m very reluctant to use mine as I don’t know where to go and refused to follow the hoardes of people who mass transfered to other servers which are now locked and have queues.

My server Bifrost is… In a terrible state. There wasn’t a message in any of the chats for 2 hours earlier. Is it even cost effective to have that running? Azoth doesn’t even exist… There is less than 50 vials on the Trading post and its 100 coin per vial. I cannot fast travel. Or trade or sell anything… Because there’s nobody there. I’m basically stuck in one spot or running across 4 territorys to do some mining.

Had a guy who was going to craft me voidbent today. But he couldn’t because its impossible as a tier 3 forge is the highest on the server. And the few players don’t want to grind for that alone as most already have their gear.

Basically. Do I just transfer? And give up waiting for a merge? Even a clue or rough date would be nice for us on dying servers. I love this game. I don’t care about the bugs but I really am starting to hate logging into ghost town :ghost:

wow thats awkward. i started in faceless company, we were trying to start bifrost and got split into bifrost and goldenthal. to hear bifrost is THAT dead is what it is… anyway azoth vials are 10gold only on barri. you should have two tokens by now? its probably easier to watch a twitch stream on whatever server everyone moves into this week, this cycle is going to keep happening. imo they need to merge everything asap then make an entirely new server with less tax cause im seeing armour being sold for either 1k-for casuals, 10k for solid players, or 70k for town owning companys only…
ive hardly played so im not the best to answer this, but any good server will get locked before u can move if your not tracking it.
everyones turned the tax’s up to the extreme, and im not sure if u can recover the costs of mutations i have no idea. and your companys will lose money owning whatever towns u have in bifrost at this point i guess??
i just made a post asking why harvester gear is medium… i jus bought stuff i actually wont use, got taxed for it, and now i just wen from 20k to 0k trying to buy items that were only 1k… but the tax, and the misunderstood weights mean i just got screwed, but i imagine i got access to alot of panic selling
and when i say whatever server people move into this week… if u see one everyone likes, jump on it, because it might get locked again within 20hours

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Man that sucks. I just want to have fun playing a game without tracking stuff and figuring all this stuff out lmao. There is probably a solution somewhere for this that ags could implement. Like I said I love the game and I have spent a fair amount of time defending it. I just wish they told us more and gave us more updates on these issues. If your server peak drops below a certain level for 3 days in a row. Give a transfer token. Or if your server has a queue for more than certain length. Give a transfer token. Idk.

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