[Help] /Roll and AGS ToS [Help]

Context: I run a dice Casino on a low pop server. I play a game that longterm yields me, the house, a 58% chance of winning, with 42% to the other party. These rules are explained explicitly before accepting a /roll. I have always paid out what’s promised, and have the community who will jump to support me in this entirely at their own accord. I have made a good name for myself in the server as the diceman, and have some concerns.

Problem: The past few days, I’ve seen several posts regarding users being banned for the /roll feature. I do NOT spam global, maybe a “Hey come see me in Everfall” once every 10 minutes or so. The server knows me, and knows what that means. My issue is that, I’m afraid to continue doing my dicing. Amazon has made absolutely NO CLEAR STATEMENT on this, and the /roll mechanic is obviously an intended ingame mechanic. Gambling is explicitly NOT listed as against the ToS, and I do NOT exchange ingame currency for real life currency. So why must I fear a ban while being totally honest, clear in the rules AND odds of the game when asked?

Solution: Can a representative of AGS give me a non blanket statement about whether this is violating ToS or not? I don’t see how providing a service such as this, where those involved willingly choose to accept the odds, is considered “unfair” either. Both parties are aware of the role they play. To offer a game of chance that nets as much community interaction as mine does, the work that goes into it warrants an 8% yield long term. Typing without autoclicking, actual POSITIVE conversations with people, happy to talk to whoever regardless of whether they dice with me or not, the list goes on.
I’ve gone about it as best as I possibly could have. I simply feel that with no clear cut stance on gambling, I shouldn’t have to fear a non appealable perm ban for something that isn’t against the rules.

Can I get a clear stance on this? I don’t need the links to the support live chats that state it’s violating unfair gameplay. In what way is an openly broadcasted/calculated risk considered unfair? There are literally nights where by the end, I LOSE money.

Tl,Dr; Please take a stance on the /roll feature, I’m known for it on my server and it’s ruining my game experience to have to tell my fans that I can’t play because the ToS is too arbitrarily subjective.

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A lot of people are being banned for rolling dice atm, how can amazon be sooo dumb as to put a dice rolling animation and the game and afterward ban all the people who used it for gambling is really another shitty decision by AGS, they are just killing their own game more and more, how can we trust you ags ? IS it fair that people who didnt even know they were doing anything wrong ( because it does seem like an in game feature where you want us to play dice and interact with each others, of course people are gonna put gold on the line ) are being banned for gambling in a fucking videogame !? come on AGS GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS !

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NW cant have gambling and keep its current rating. So yes it is against ToS.

Why can’t they keep the current rating?

Its been an age old classic in Runescape for crying out loud! We need crystal clear understanding on this!

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