Help using bow RMB/LMB changed

Early on, before the weirdness, bow was an enjoyable weapon.

At some point they changed the way the physical mechanics work for the bow. The old mechanics were familiar to me from other games. The new ones have my neurologically challenged hands and brain confuddled.

An example: originally one simply pulled back on the bow with the RMB and selected an ability like Rain of Arrows. Then the circle/location could be positioned. The RMB was then released and the ability went off.

Now pulling back on the bow and selecting an ability causes the bow to reset to a relaxed position. After trying several times the bow was set aside. Since that first attempt I have made several others. As embarrassing as it may be for me I am honestly at a loss.

As a bow chad main I’ll help you. Don’t play bow right now and don’t even look at it when they “fix” the 20% damage perk. Worst weapon to play right now


Well that’s too bad.

I will add though that I’m not a big PvP player and mostly just enjoyed the bow in PvE.

But maybe I can figure it out at a later time.

Thanks for the info though. While I knew there were changes coming I didn’t realize they were that drastic.

They removed the jump cancel animation that made bow viable to play. Now there is a “bug” that adds 20% dmg to every shot, so when they fix it you’ll do 20% less damage 95% of the time. Funiest and useless weapon sadly

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